Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Less Than A Week To Go...

Wow, I can't believe today is December 20th! Five days until Christmas! I'm actually feeling pretty prepared this year. My shopping is done, I only have ONE project unfinished (a scrapbook for my Grammie) and a relatively free schedule from now until the big day! As of Friday, I'm on vacation until January 2nd. Wahoo! In that time I have SO many people I'm getting together with...hopefully it all works out. I can't wait to meet Baby Elliott!

Yesterday I discovered the joys of text messaging. How's like MSN on the go. Very cool. I'm hooked.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my friends Chris & Dana. Chris & I work together but never really get to see each other. Dana used to work with us and the last time I saw her was the summer. It will be nice to catch up and we're going to one of my favourite restaurants...Coppa Di Gelatto.

I think I'm going to rent "Christmas Vacation" tonight. It's one of my favourite holiday flicks and I haven't watched it yet this year.

Be sure to check out Simon & Claire's travel blog on the right of the screen. They are on a year-long trip around the world and Simon is an amazing photographer, so it makes for some pretty sweet armchair traveling.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Did It!

Yesterday I finished my Christmas shopping. What a great feeling! And I didn't have to fight the crowds at the mall. I went to Petrolia and went shopping with my sister. It was great because there were no line-ups and I got unique items that I wouldn't have found had I just gone to the mall. As a bonus, I ran into a few people I haven't seen in a long time. Feels good to have that done :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting to know me...

This is one of those things that gets sent around in your e-mail circles. I know some people find them annoying, but I think they're kind of fun and sometimes give you some insight into people that you wouldn't have known otherwise. I decided to post my answers here so you could learn a little something about me today!

1. What is your occupation? Graphics Girl - A-Channel, London
2. What color are your socks right now?
3. What are you listening to right now?
Matt Costa - The Road
4. What was the last thing that you ate? a berry smoothie for breakfast
5. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes… every day. Although I couldn't really when I bought my car :)

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Sassy Red
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Char

8. Favourite band: that's a really tough one...some of my top favourites: Beatles, Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Matt Costa, Dave Matthews Band, U2
9. How old are you today? 29
10. Favorite Drink?
gingerbread latte
11. What is your favorite sport to watch? none

12. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes, that reminds me, I need to make an appointment
14. Favorite Food?
BBQ Steak
15. What was the last movie you watched?
The Holiday
16. Favorite day of the year?
Christmas Eve
17. What do you do to vent anger?
vent to Char
18. What was your favorite toy?
my cheerbear
19. What is your favorite, fall or spring?
20. Hugs or kisses? Both

21. Cherries or blueberries? Cherries
22. Living arrangements?
one roommate... Jodi
23. When was the last time you cried? Monday night

24. What is on the floor of your closet? Christmas presents
25. Who is the friend you have had the longest?
26. What did you do last night?
went to Williams for a chai latte with Sue.
27. Favorite smells?
fresh laundry, the beach
28. What inspires you?
hmmm, a deadline
29. What are you afraid of? blue foods
30. Favorite dog breed? I'm not much of a dog person, but I think I like labs
31. Number of keys on your key ring?
32. How many years at your current job?
33. Favorite day of the week?
Monday night...because of Prison Break (otherwise Sunday)
34. How many states have you lived in?
None ...just Ontario
35. Favorite Holidays? Christmas & Canada Day

36. Ever driven a Motorcycle or heavy machinery? I LOVE motorcycles and heavy machinery... well, I'd say a tractor. I've driven a tractor.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I take that back...

Ok, last night I was singing the praises of the fluffy blanket of snow. Um, I take that back. While it is still really has basically shut down our city! Today everything is closed from the University to the bus line. I went out to shovel this morning (after shovelling at 9pm last night) and the snow was about 2 feet deep against the door. I managed to scoop out a little path to the sidewalk which was also completely filled in. So, I cleared a path to our laneway. Jodi (who is a teacher on SNOW DAY) is currently out there trying to uncover her car. The photo above shows how much snow fell after she came in last night at 10pm. Today is the first day in 7.5 years that work actually called me to say... "hold off on coming in until we see how things go". The crazy thing is that tomorrow the temperature is going above zero and will stay there for a few days, so I guess it won't be lasting long. In the meantime, if you live in London, enjoy your snow day. If you don't live in London, apparently you have no idea what I'm talking about!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

My intention was to rant about how much I hate the snow...and for the most part I do. However, as I went out to shovel the drive tonight, I realized that the snow can actually be quite beautiful...almost poetic. I went out tonight about 9pm and it was so quiet. The snow was coming down in giant white flakes and landing silently on the ground. Even the cars that drove past were somewhat muffled under the fluffy white blanket. When you don't have to drive in it, the snow can be a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I consider myself to be a pretty healthy person. So, when woke up with a cold yesterday, I was surprised and a little annoyed. I take vitamin C on a daily basis in the winter months to avoid such situations. However, here I sinuses all stuffy and a nice red nose. And tired! I can't believe how tired I am. Last night I took a Nyquil and went to bed by 9pm! Usually Nyquil is a magic drug and I get a nice sound sleep, but last night I tossed and turned, propped my head with pillows, then removed them, even trying to sleep in the chair in the livingroom for a while. All this to say I have a cold and am not enjoying the stupor that I feel I'm in.

I can't believe it's already December 6th! I haven't even sent out ANY Christmas cards yet! Yikes. I really need to get moving on some things...and SHOPPING is one of them. I bought gifts for my nieces & nephews in September and since then have had this idea in my head that I'm ahead of the game this year. However, I haven't done any shopping since. Now I'm perplexed for good ideas and am soon running out of time! On Saturday I'm planning a trip to Port Huron and am hoping that will finish things off.

Congratulations to my friend Sarah. She got a new job this week at City TV in Toronto. She'll be doing a lot of the same things she's currently doing at her job at OMNI but I think she's looking forward to a change. I believe she starts the 2nd week of January. Way to go Sarah!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


I am happy to report that Amy & Patrick are the proud new parents to Elliott Graham Robitaille. He was born on Wednesday, November 29th at 3:10pm. They are all doing very well, and to quote Amy, he's "impressing us with his cuteness every minute of the whole day that we have known him."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

what's on your i-pod?

I thought it might be kind of fun to see what people are listening to. Leave a comment and list the last 5 songs played on your i-pod.

Mine are:

All Of You - Tony Bennett
F-Stop Blues - Jack Johnson
Politik - Coldplay
Seymour Stein - Belle & Sebastian
Girl Next Door - Matt Costa

During my lunch-hour today, I heard an interesting page on the intercom system. Apparently there was some sort of "situation" in the lobby. I decided to go and take a look. It was the same man that had come to the station last week when he wanted to let his views on poverty be known.

Today he came back and was more assertive than the last time. There was quite a little crowd gathering in the upper part of the lobby with several staff members in the lower part preventing the man from entering the building.

Before the police got here, he had urinated on our Christmas tree and lit up a cigarette inside the building. He was taken away without much incident, but it was definitely and interesting afternoon at the A-Channel Studios.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

He Comes From The Land Down Under....

Last night I went to see Xavier Rudd at Centennial Hall. I think he's about the most talented multi-tasker I've ever seen! I thought it was pretty impressive when I saw Jacob Moon use the "jam-man" to loop his own music and play over it. But this was even better!

Xavier sat on a little platform amidst various drums, guitars, didgeridoos, and tropical-looking plants. As he sang, he also kept time with his barefoot on some sort of drum machine. He would also play the guitar, harmonica, didgeridoo as well as a multitude of other drums (even a clay pot at one point) But the impressive part was he was doing this simultaneously! VERY cool.

I was introduced to his music through my friend Laurence this summer. We both became a little obsessed and when I found out he was coming to London, we jumped on board and got tickets. It was an awesome concert and I encourage you to check him out at or watch the video below.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


On Saturday I went to my first "due date party". :) My friend Amy decided a few weeks ago that since she was due on a Saturday, she might as well have a party! This was such an "Amy" idea. As predicted, no baby yet. But, it was a good time to get together and anticipate the new bambino! Can't wait to hear the big news!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This is my friend Jeff. He keeps bugging me to put him in my blog, so here he is...his very own post. Some of the things Jeff likes: Smoked Salmon, "Rescue Me" (TV show), Shakespeare In Love, scaring away burglers and bad jokes. Things Jeff does not like: Danny Bonaduce, apple pie (apparently) and making dubs of my Grammie's DVD.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


If you're here reading my blog, I'd love for you to leave a comment. Otherwise I think no one's reading! Thanks.

I'm so glad we did this trip. What an awesome experience. I just adore my Grammie and this trip proved to me how brave she was to come to Canada and leave everything she knew behind her. What a love story!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Main Event....

On Wednesday, we were up early and headed to Pier 21 for the day-long celebration. Grammie was thrilled when she got her VIP badge with her name on it. We walked around and saw the exhibits and took in the really cool multi-media presentation. Soon it was time for the vow-renewal ceremony. There were 18 couples that renewed their vows after 60 years of marriage. It was so cute!

Lots of mingling and listening of stories (which boat, how the couple met, etc) and then it was off to the Gala Dinner. It was a beautiful evening with celtic dancers, the Premier of Nova Scotia, an orchestra, piper and A CONGA LINE to finish the evening off!! It was a hoot, seeing all these 80+ year old women shuffling along in a line to "It's A Long Way To Tipperary". He he.


Our second day we had "free". We weren't really sure what we were going to do until we got there and looked through some brochures. We settled on heading to see an exhibit on Anne Frank at the Museum of Natural History. It was pretty neat, but there was a large group of school children there and after a while...we were ready to go!

We had some lunch and then headed down to the boardwalk as it was a lovely day. We took a nice walk along the water and enjoyed the time outside.

The VIA train carrying 250 warbrides was due to arrive at the train station at 4:30 so we headed over to welcome them. The station was a buzz of activity before the train even arrived. Cadets, Red Hat Society, Reporters, Warbrides and general well-wishers were all gathering.

We happened to meet a sweet lady named Jeanie that came on the same boat as Grammie just a few months before her. She was there with her daughter and we made an instant connection. When the band started playing the old war-time songs, Grammie & Jeanie were dancing away. It was such a great moment, I realized I was so lucky to have this chance. What a great memory!

Because of all the well-wishers that lined the tracks on the way to Halifax, the train was an hour and a half late. But, it was worth it to see these ladies (still full of the spunk and sense of adventure that brought them to Canada in the first place) get off the train. Many were overwhelmed with the welcome as it was like a cross between a Hollywood Premiere and Military Honour Guard.

We decided to have dinner with our new friends at a restaurant close-by.

This week I flew to Halifax with my Mom & Grammie to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Canadian Warbride. What a wonderful experience for us to share!

We headed out Monday morning for the Hamilton airport. It was my mom's first time on an airplane so she was a little nervous. Once we were onboard, I was disappointed to learn that we did not have seat-back TV's on our plane. :( Fortunately, I brought a book so I just did some reading.

When the flight attendant was passing out the snacks, she asked my Grammie if she'd like "jet mix". However, she thought she was offering "bread sticks". To her disappointment (and my amusement) it was a pretzel mix that was in the package...not bread sticks! he he...too funny.

As we were approaching Halifax, I noticed the trees looked like they had snow on them. "Hmmm, I wonder if that's really snow, or if it just looks like that because I'm up high?" was really snow. I couldn't believe it...we had left a beautiful day in Ontario (one of the FEW this fall) and landed to Halifax's first snow. It was really wet and gross. Fortunately it had turned to rain by the time we arrived in the city.

Our first night we were all pretty pooped so we had dinner at the hotel and relaxed in our room.

Time for an update! Here are some photos from Halloween. I was an ipod and my friend Lawrence was "The Man In Black" Johnny Cash.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I thought it might be fun to post the story of when I went to the Price is Right. I found this in a long-lost file in my e-mail. Hope you enjoy...I'm going to try and post the video soon!

Well, we did it! Our dream of seeing the Price Is Right & Bob Barker in the flesh (as weathered as it is) has come true! We had no idea how difficult and gruelling it would be to get on the show.... we showed up at 5:30am on the morning of our taping to wait in line for an hour... only to find out we had STAND-BY tickets...we hadn't gotten there early enough.
I guess the "hard-core" Price Is right fans arrived the night before and camped out. We were told to come back at 11:30am to see if anyone would not show up. (I'm not sure why you wouldn't once you have the tickets!) Anyway, we went back to our hotel for a nap and showed up at 11:30 to wait in line again...this time for about 1 1/2 hours. Keep in mind this is in an outdoor waiting area. We can't believe how many Canadians were there....those Canucks love their Price Is Right.
Well, the moment finally arrived when the stand-by people started getting tickets... would you believe that we missed it by 3 people?!!!! AUGH!!!!!!! Fortunately we noticed a group of red T-shirts that said "University of Guelph loves Bob" (for those of you from far away...Guelph is about an hour from London, where I live)

We went over to talk to them and told them our story. Our luck was changing... there was a group of 16 of them, but to qualify as a group you need 20 people. They had already given their 4 extra tickets away that day, but were coming back the next and said we could just meet them in the parking lot at 10am. (sounds like we were making some kind of illegal deal ...don't worry, its all ligit)

What a GRRREAT alternative to arriving at 2am and sleeping on the street just to get a ticket! We had a nice sound sleep in our hotel room and met the Guelph crew the next morning. Turns out one of the organizers won his way on stage only to be outsmarted by the secret X. Bummer. But he did get to spin the big wheel and keep the desk set from contestants row.

OK, we know we're in California, but the temperatures yesterday were COLD. It was overcast and raining and we waited 4 1/2 hours in this outdoor "shelter" with hard metal benches and a concession stand. Wow, talk about dedication.
The moment finally arrived when we were "interviewed" by the producer. Basically he asked our name, where we were from and what we did. Karla got the added question of if she watches the show. (what kind of a question is that anyway??? Like she'd wait that long for a show she's never heard of)

After we were ushered to more hard benches in a windy corridor, we were asked to sign a release form to be on the WAYNE BRADY show! (for those of you that don't know, he's the hilarious black guy from Who's Line Is It Anyway?) How cool is that? And then he walked by!
As you can imagine, the excitement was overwhelming. Not only would we be on The Price Is Right, but the Wayne Brady show too!

FINALLY we were allowed to enter the studio...about 10 minutes before taping began. If we have learned one thing on this trip, it is that NOTHING is as it appears on TV. (you'd think I'd realize that before since I work in the industry!!) The studio was SO SMALL. Like think small and then it was smaller. It was like a miniature set or something....crazy....and surreal.

After putting up with a cheezy version of the American National Anthem, the announcer appeared and "entertained" us until the man himself walked out on stage. Wow, what a moment! Because of the wild and crazy fans cheering, you couldn't hear anything the announcer said, including the names to come on down. There was a stage manager with signs that said the people's names. One of the first people called was the guy sitting directly in front of us from the Guelph group!!! It was so exciting to actually have someone to cheer on. He won his way on stage to lose an SUV in Lucky 7. However, he did well on the Big Wheel ($0.85) and was in the showcase showdown at the end of the show. He lost. However, the woman that won is a cute little lady that was across from us in line. She's from Minnesota and vacations in Yuma.

We were on the edge of our seats the whole time! It was exhausting! THEN Wayne Brady came out to tape some shtick for his show. He wanted to "come on down" and guess where he sat in the audience??? Yep, in the empty chair right in front of us! So, we will definitely be on the Wayne Brady show the end of next week AND on The Price Is Right March 3.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Today was a sad day in television history. I found out that Bob Barker is retiring from the Price Is Right after 35 years! Devastating news to fans of the show. I'm just glad I got to go when I did. Must head to bed but will post more tomorrow. :(

Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Saturday, I was privileged to witness my friend Nicole exchange vows with her (now) husband Nelson. The story of how they met was so cool (and you can read all about it if you check out her blog on the side of this site) I'm just so happy for them both.

Karla & I actually made the invitations for this affair. That was kind of cool to be able to be involved that way. The ceremony was really nice, she looked lovely. I loved her dress with the red...very cool. Now she's heading to YORKTON, SK!

The ironic thing is that on Friday I was watching Regis & Kelly as I was eating my breakfast. They were announcing the winners of their costume contest. The past few weeks, people have been sending in photos of their Halloween costumes. Well, the 2nd prize went to someone from Maple Ontario. I thought that was cool, that a Canadian got second. And then they announced the was Colonel Sanders riding a chicken and he was from Yorkton, SK! I couldn't believe it!! That's where Nicole is moving. Apparently it's not very big and it's in the middle of nowhere. Too funny!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Friend, The Giant

This is a photo of my friend Simon beside a car in Helsinki! It is actually smaller than a smart car (if you can believe it) I thought this photo was just too funny to not pass along! he he he.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Last weekend Char & I went to see Paul Brandt with Jo-Anne & Nick. He is our favourite country singer (well, other than Johnny, but let's face it...he's dead. We're not going to see him in concert!) Anyway, we got our tickets a while ago to see him at the Norfolk County Fair.

We set off about 5pm and the concert was at 8pm...plenty of time. It was a beautiful day so the drive was nice. We took the beetle so Nick (who is 6'6" tall) rode in the front with me. That was good as he kept me on the right roads! We decided to stop along the way at Pizza Hut for supper. It has been a l-o-n-g time since I've eaten there, but the choices were limited. (so I thought) We had the Super Supper for Four. We left, stuffed full of Caesar salad, bread sticks, chicken wings and of course, pizza. It was about 6:45. As we were leaving town (which one, I have no idea) we drove past a Swiss Chalet. I was so disappointed we hadn't seen it first. I would've much rathered chicken than pizza. Oh well.

We got to Simcoe about 7:30. In my head I was picturing a big parking lot next to the fair grounds and a clearly marked path to the grandstand. Ha ha...funny how things in your head are so idealistic! We drove really far down a side street before finding a tiny little spot in which I had to parallel park! Driving a standard + parallel parking on an incline = not fun. However, I accomplished my task and was eager to get to our seats.

Once we entered the fair grounds, we asked at EVERY information booth we saw and no one really knew where to direct us. As we were fighting the crowd, we heard the music start! YIKES...I just wanted to be in my seat. We finally found the entrance to the reserved seating area and took our (wooden) chairs. What a great show. Except for the 15 year olds in front of us that talked through the whole thing and played games on their cell phones. What's up with that? How annoying.

The Cutest Couple Ever

On the weekend, my friend Amy & her husband Pat came over. I was hosting an evening of board games and they decided to make the trip from Mississauga. Amy & I went to highschool together, but more importantly, we worked at the Petrolia Discovery together one summer. It was our favourite job...working together on projects like organizing Canada Celebrations, dressing up like Darren The Oil Derrick and telling people from around the world about our little town of Petrolia.

We have shared some great memories which we re-live each time we get together. Our first trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, sending an apple pie to Halifax (on a plane with her brother) town-wide yard sales, Paul Simon concert, she's even the one that lured me to my surprise birthday party.

Well, sometimes we forget how things used to be, or could be, when people live in different cities. Saturday night reminded me of how much I treasure Amy as a friend and made me wish they lived in London. They are just the cutest couple ever. I only hope that I can find a husband with whom I fit with like Amy & Pat do.

And, the cuteness continues...they are having a baby in 5 weeks! Eeek! In fact, I'm headed to the "Due Date Party" on November 18. If there's no baby...we have a party. If there is a baby... we have a party and get to see the baby. If the baby comes on time, it turns into a waiting room party. You see, as Amy puts it: it's a win, win win situation!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I could not believe my eyes today when I looked out the window to see a complete white-out from the SNOW! Yes, that's's October 12 and it snowed off and on all day. In fact, when I went out to my car after work, the windshield and rear window was covered. I thought I could just brush it off with the wipers and the defroster. Ha, not so fast! Old Man Winter had left his icy fingerprints on my windows and I was left without my defensive snow brush. Silly me, I hadn't moved it from the basement to my trunk yet. Fortunately one of my co-workers found one in his trunk amongst the golf clubs and rollerblades and I was able to borrow it! Let's just hope this was a fluke and we are in for some beautiful autumn days ahead. I mean's my favourite season and so far it's been so crappy!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Footloose & Fancy Feet

A few weeks ago my mom & I booked a day together. We were going to start at the spa for a pedicure, do lunch and then go shopping. Well, some unforeseen circumstances arose which kept us busy until mid-afternoon, but we were able to move our spa appointment. This was my first full-blown pedicure, and it was amazing! We went to Adora Spa on Front Street in Sarnia. The really cool part is the pedicure chairs (kind of like big recliners with a whirlpool for your feet) face the window overlooking the river. A beautiful location. I think we should really try and do that more often as it felt amazing, and our toes were really pretty afterwards!

After our foot pampering, we went for dinner at Montana's. I know it doesn't really fit the mood, but it was good food in a relaxed atmosphere and we were able to enjoy catching up. Following dinner, we headed to see my Grammie. It was a nice way to end the evening as we always have so much fun together. I can't wait for's going to be a blast!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


In November, I'm looking forward to a 4 day trip to Halifax with my Mom & Grammie. "Pier 21" in Halifax is where most of our immigrants landed. During the war, my Grandad was a Canadian soldier in England when he met my Grammie. They were married at the end of the war and soon after, she came to Canada as a "war bride". Well, Canada has declared 2006 "The Year of The Warbride" and on November 8, Pier 21 is having a big celebration. We are flying out for 4 days to take in the celebration and some additional sightseeing and fun. I think it will be a really good time to spend together. (and hang out by the ocean!)

Monday, September 25, 2006


As you probably know, when I find something I like I usually become very passionate about it. Well, I've found a new passion! This season I started watching Prison Break. It was quite by accident. I wasn't looking to add a new show to my roster. But, I happened to be at the cottage with my sister Jo-Anne when the season premier was on. She's a regular viewer so, of course, she wanted to watch. (so's my brother...must be a family thing) That's when I got sucked in!

The storyline is amazingly intricate and the characters are so well developed. The unfortunate thing is that I started watching at the beginning of season 2. After asking around, I found out that my friend Chris owns season 1 on DVD. YEAH!! For anyone that's watched TV shows on DVD, you know how great it is and how easy it is to become glued to the set! Example: an hour long show is shortened to 42-45 minutes with just dips to black where the commercials used to be. So, 2 episodes are just an hour & a half and three episodes are just over 2 hours. Well, I'm sad to say (especially after my last post about TIME) I've watched 14 episodes since last Wednesday! YIKES. But, it's SO good!! And, it makes stuff that's happening in season 2 make that much more sense.

Tonight, it's back to the future as season 2's next episode is on. And it doesn't hurt that my favourite con: Fernando Sucre (who it SO hot) is riding around on a big Harley. Sweet!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A few weeks ago I heard someone say "where you spend your time is where you place your value". Seems like a simple enough concept, but it really hit me. I want to spend my time on things I value. Things like playing Candyland with my 3-year-old niece, having tea with my Grammie or making pie with my Mom. You can see a common theme... my family is important to me and I want to make them a priority. I also want to spend more time with good friends and learning new things. I'm going to try and say "no" more often to things that are not a priority and not worry about it.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Out of Africa

Last week my friend Sheri came over. She's just returned from 6 months in Africa! Yep, she was living my dream!! She travelled all over the continent, spotting every animal native to the region. I even saw a short video clip of an elephant chasing her car! There were so many pictures of beautiful scenery, adorable children and just a fascinating culture. I don't know if I'd be able to eat a "smiley" (sheep head) but other than that...I'm dying to go. Sheri is a Registered Nurse and was able to work in an orphanage and with Mercy Ships. She was captivated by the people and how generous they are. Sheri is definitely a free spirit and not afraid to take risks. She is solid in her faith and such a giving person. I love having her as a friend. She is inspiring.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On Saturday I headed to Toronto for the wedding of my friend Joe. The ceremony was at 11am at the UofT so I had to leave quite early. I made it with time to spare! Unfortunately it was looking like it might rain when I got there. I decided I better take my umbrella with me. This in itself is not unfortunate. The unfortunate part is that is a Scooby Doo umbrella. Carrying it in to a wedding doesn't look very chic. However, I think I pulled it off quite well. : )

After about a half hour delay, the ceremony started. It was absolutely beautiful. You could tell a lot of attention had been paid to details. A string quartet serenaded the bridesmaids down the aisle. Then, it was time for Karyn and her dad to enter. The music stopped and Joe strapped on his guitar and SANG her down the aisle. It was so sweet.

Between the ceremony & reception I was able to scoot over to Ryerson and see Yoko. Then back to the reception. I must say an hour of mingling with people I don't know in uncomfortable shoes for cocktails & hors d'oeuvres is not my idea of fun. But, I managed to survive. It was actually really nice, complete with a jazz pianist. The reception was about 10 courses long!!! There were lots of interesting things on the menu including shark fin! We were well entertained by multimedia presentations, stories, toasts, etc. It was a beautiful wedding and I wish Joe & Karyn all the best!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Be my, be my, be my, be my Yoko Ono, woah-oh-oh-oh.

Yesterday I spent the day in Toronto at a wedding. Between the ceremony & reception, I was supposed to get together with my friend Simon. However, since he's moving today, he decided he better stay home and pack. So, I decided that I would walk down to the Ryerson Theatre and try and catch a glimpse of Yoko Ono as she arrived for the premiere of The US vs. John Lennon. When I first got there, hardly anyone was there. However, that quickly changed. There was probably 60-70 people trying to get an autograph and a photo. I was lucky enough to get both. Don't get me wrong, she's not my favourite person...seeing her in person was pretty cool. I'm interested to see the movie when it comes out at the end of the month. While I was there I also spotted Christina Ricci & Michael Moore. cool.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I don't consider myself a computer geek, but today I completed a task I am most proud of. Well, I actually started on Sunday...

I finally bought a printer. Yes, I've been printerless all this time. My parents actually gave me money to buy one for my birthday, but I've procrastinated until now. On Sunday I was at Michael's and saw the Staples next door. I decided "back-to-school" would be a good time to purchase a printer. So I did.

I came home and started hooking it up myself! Surprisingly, it was quite easy. However, I didn't realize I needed to buy a USB cable until after I got home. That's why I couldn't finish until today. Anyway, I succeeded!

During the time I was setting up my new gear, I listened to The Ongoing History of New Music. It is an awesome radio show that I usually listen to on FM96. My friend Jeff informed me last week that you can listen to complete past episodes online! So cool. I listened to "What's the deal with The Smiths" "7 Mysteries of Morrissey" and "100 Top Moments in Rock History pt. 1" For a music-lover, it is grrreat! Check it out

It was a long weekend and I definitely packed a lot in...considering I worked yesterday! Friday night I headed down to Sarnia to see Beck & Carla Raes. It seems like I haven't seen them in forever and since Beck moved to Ottawa yesterday, I wanted to see her before she left. We headed to the Coffee Lodge...the local hangout in Sarnia. I got to hear all about Beck recent run of blind dates!

After that, I headed out to my parents. My nieces & nephew were having a sleepover and there was a note for me when I got home: Abby would like to sleep with Auntie Janice tonight. Well, Auntie Janice didn't get a lot of sleep...she twisted and turned all night long. More than once I felt a little foot on my back!! In the morning my mom made waffles, which for a 7, 5 and 2 year old, was VERY exciting!

In the afternoon, Mom & I headed into Sarnia with plans of doing some shopping states-side. Unfortunately, traffic was backed up to Christina St. so we turned around. Instead, we went to visit my Grammie. It's always fun going to Grammie's, but I particularly like it when my mom & Grammie are together...good times! We stopped in at Connie & Steve's on the way home, long enough to do the hokey-pokey with Madison. :) And then in the evening headed over to see my Aunt Peggy. Whew! What a whirlwind of activity!!

Sunday afternoon Jodi & I had an "end of summer ice-cream" at Marble Slab. She got Key Lime with fresh strawberries, I opted for the ultra chocolatey dark chocolate with Skor bits. Yumm. And, the cool thing was I got it for frequent buyer card was full. :)

My friend Amy stopped by in the afternoon. It's hard to believe but we haven't seen each other since my surprise party! That was the same day she told me she's having a baby. Well, I got to see the evidence for myself. She has a very cute yet pronounced "bump". It was great to catch up and re-live some memories. I got to see photos of the nursery which is absolutely adorable. I hope we're able to get together again soon.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Contemplations in the moonlight

I read this the other day on my friend Claire's blog. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and I hope she doesn't mind me re-posting it here. Enjoy.

I found myself thinking about the moon the other day. The moon always gets a bad rap for having no light of its own. A celestial second-class citizen, standing by just reflecting. I remember a science teacher somewhere back in my school days scoffing that men of old thought the moon was a light source when really it's all second hand illumination. But I was wondering the other day if reflected light is really so bad?

Sure the sun is fantastic and powerful and creates its own light, but it occurred to me that you can't look at the sun. It's there and you feel its influence but you can only glimpse it from the corner of your eye. It's so bright, but you can't really see if for yourself. The moon is reflected light. It doesn't control the seasons but controls the tides and you can actually look at the moon. You can sit there gazing at it, contemplating it. It's not enough light to get a sunburn, but it's enough light on a clear night to find your way.

And I wonder if we're a little bit like that with God. God is huge and awesome and knowable but incomprehensible. He's too much for finite minds. Maybe we're a little bit like the moon -- reflections of a light that's not our own. I wonder if that was part of God's intent in making man in His own image, giving us a version of Himself that we could stand to look at, something we could begin to comprehend? I'm reminded of the story in the Old Testament when Moses is on the mountain and wants to see God and God basically tells him "if you saw me, you'd die". And so God hides Moses in a space in the rocks, and covers him as He walks by and even that barest brushing past is almost more than Moses can stand. Like staring right at the sun only so much worse.

I know that I am not God, I cannot manifest light of my own. But I can reflect it, on a clear night.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


OK, it's been a while since I've posted and I apologize. I recently discovered that people DO read this and keep on the happenings in my life. However, since none of you leave comments...

Anyway, last weekend I went to my Aunt Penny & Uncle Cliff's cottage. I went with my sister Jo-Anne & my nephew Jesse. Uncle Cliff has always been my favourite as he's so hilarious! He kept us laughing all the time. Of course, Jesse took quite a shine to him too. It was a nice time to relax, do some reading, catch some movies, etc. The cottage is really nice...they've done lots of work to it to fix it up. They even have a huge 42" TV that Cliff fanangled from work for $100!!! It was used in their board room and has a few "burnt-in" images, but overall...a fantastic deal.

Last Saturday I met up with the family I used to babysit. Josh was playing hockey in London, so I went over to Western Fair Grounds to meet them. It was a little crazy to see them all grown up. Emily is turning 15, Josh is 12 and Ashley is 10. They are such great kids. I used to love babysitting there...they were really cute and well-behaved. I remember teaching Emily who the Beatles were when she was about 1.5 years old. he he. Cute.

On Sunday I headed down to see my Aunt Peggy. I hadn't seen her since her heart surgery a few weeks ago. I'm glad I went. We had a 2 hour visit. Then I went over to my parents. My mom was babysitting Madison so I got to see her too. It was nice to have a mom-cooked meal and she even sent me home with a piece of pie!

I'm going to see Paul Brandt in October. I'm looking forward to that. He's one of my favourite country artists. I took my sister Jo-Anne last year for her birthday and we both loved it. This time I'm going with Char, Jo-Anne & Nick. It's at the Norfolk County Fair. Lookin' forward to it!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Globe Trotting

My friend Simon & his wife Claire are leaving in September to travel around the world. Can you imagine? They sold their house & cars, quit their jobs and are leaving in September. You can check out their adventure at I'm so jealous!! I'm sure they'll have the time of their lives! Have fun guys.


Last Thursday night Char & I were checking The Clog & Thistle in Ingersoll (on the recommendation of Bob, our Harley pal) The atmosphere was really cool but the service was horrific. The waitress was totally disinterested in us as customers and didn't say a word when she brought the food. However, after sitting there for about 10 minutes, my evening perked up considerably.

Four people walked in and I believe one of them was Christopher Plummer. Unfortunately, they were seated behind a room divider so I couldn't tell for sure. When we were finished, I did the rubber-necking walk by to "go to the washroom". I was convinced it was him, Char was not.

When we walked outside, I said "well, it still makes for a good story to say we think we saw Christopher Plummer." Then we saw a fancy red convertible sitting right in front of the restaurant. I was sure that was his car....'til I saw the decal on the back that said "Cowgirls of America". Um, ya...maybe not.

OK, so maybe it wasn't him. We got in the car and started out of the parking lot when we saw another fancy car sitting there with a driver sitting there reading the paper. That was enough to convince me that it was, indeed Captain Von Trapp inside. Although I did have to drive by once more for Char to see the driver through the dark windows. :)

note: This was my second time seeing Mr. Plummer. A few years ago I saw him at the Toronto Film Festival, but there's something exciting about randomly running into him in INGERSOLL!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


This weekend wasn't a long one for me as I worked on Monday. I didn't mind though...there's never much going on and you get paid lots of money. We even played a game in the evening!

On Friday night I headed down to my Grammie's. At some point I must've mentioned that I like spaghetti because she had some ready for me when I got there. We hung out and she told me some old the time Grandad agreed to buy a duck from a co-worker "for Sunday dinner". When the duck arrived, Grandad was working and Grammie had to deal with a LIVE duck until he got home to take care of it. He was annoyed and said the duck was supposed to be "dressed" when he got it. Well, being from England, Grammie had never heard that term before and wondered what he was supposed to be dressed for? ha ha ha .

On Saturday, I headed over to Connie & Steve's to hang out in the pool with Madison. She had just taken a week of swimming lessons and I can't believe the difference in her! Before she didn't want to leave the steps, now she's JUMPING in. She basically went from jumping in to the steps and back to jumping in...all afternoon! It was really nice to spend the afternoon in the pool and with Madison. After the swim, I headed out to Mom & Dad's for a steak dinner. Mmmm, yum. BBQ steak is my favourite food and Dad picked up a few steaks at the butcher shop the day before. It was gooood.

On Sunday I headed to the church I grew up at. It was really weird to see people I've known most of my life...and they're getting old! Of course, time stands still for me :) In the afternoon I babysat for my brother & his wife while they went to get a puppy. The kids were lots of fun. We did everything from make window stickers to pretend camping! I had to laugh when we went to see the chickens. Josh was commenting on how big they've gotten. (the last time they saw them they were fuzzy little chicks) He said "they used to be like 2 marshmallows stuck together". Ha ha ha. Josh always makes me laugh.

In the evening, we had a bonfire at the farm. It was so nice for everyone to get together. It was Jesse's first campfire and the other kids really liked the hotdogs & marshmallows. Of course, when the puppy arrived, it was VERY exciting! I have to admit she was pretty cute. An 8 week old Beagle, her name is going to be Daisy.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Since Sunday, there has been an oppressive heatwave. Temperatures have been hovering around 36°C and with the humidex it feels like the mid-forties!! (speaking of humidex, what is it? If it feels like it's 42°C...why isn't that the temperature? any thoughts?) Anyway, it's been hot. My house is not air conditioned. In fact, it is more like an oven. Thank goodness my brother-in-law Nick gave me their old one and installed it for me. WHEW! Jodi & I have been hibernating in our respective bedrooms, staying cool.

On Sunday, my nephew Jesse turned ONE! We had a delightful little party with family, food and Winnie the Pooh everywhere! It is so cute to see all the cousins playing together. Josh (5) is very big-brother-ish to Jesse...quite adorable. I will post photos soon.

Thanks for all your prayers for my Aunt Peggy. Last Thursday she had angioplasty and it was very successful with no complications. I went to see her that night and she looked great and was joking around. The nurses said she was their star patient that day :) She is now discharged and staying with my cousin Esther.

I have found a new musician that I LOVE! As you know, I like to share new things I'm passionate about, so check out Xavier Rudd. He's from Australia and is like a Paul Simon/Dave Matthews/Jack Johnson with a little didgeridoo thrown in. I'm hooked! I've downloaded all three albums onto my i-pod and enjoying them while I work. Sweet.

Speaking of work...if anyone has any great ideas for a new career for me, let me know! After the CHUM layoffs a few weeks ago, I've felt vulnerable. The television broadcast industry is changing dramatically and I'm not so sure I want to be involved anymore. As of January it's going to be so depressing to come into will be so empty here. The more I think about, the more I welcome the change. I just need to figure out what that change will be. :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This week is filled with birthdays! Happy Birthday to:

Carla Raes - July 22
Chris Parr - July 23
Jim VanHorne - July 24
Chris Mortensen - July 25
Bob Smith - July 26
Scott Drennan - July 27

And finally, my nephew Jesse is turning ONE on July 30. I can't believe a whole year has passed since he was born.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Lake, The Lakehouse and the Pool

Last weekend, I headed down to my parents on Thursday night with Jo-Anne & Jesse. It was nice to sit out on the deck and enjoy the quiet stillness of the country. I loved it! And it was nice to just sit and talk and not have somewhere we needed to go. On Friday morning, Jo-Anne & I picked up Abby & Josh and headed to the river for a picnic.

It was really nice by the water and the kids really enjoyed counting the seagulls and watching the boats go by. When we were done, we stopped by Grammie's for a few minutes and headed on to Sarnia to the animal farm. Always a big hit...we toured the various birds, bunnies, donkeys, etc. It was REALLY hot that day so soon it was time to hit the beach. It was a beautiful day and I love spending time with the kids, so it was great. We got back in to Petrolia just in time for swimming lessons. I was glad I got to see them in the pool for a bit...very cute.

Since Nick was in Germany, I stayed at Jo-Anne's that night. I'm glad I did because Jesse was up with a fever. Poor little guy...I sat and rocked him while Jo-Anne was on the phone with telehealth. I realized the only songs I know all the words to were Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles, Carpenters, etc. but he seemed to really enjoy them! cool. The next day he was still a bit off but not as feverish.

Sunday I spent at Char's pool. It was so hot, it was nice to get cooled off. In the evening we went to see The Lakehouse with Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I ended up really liking it. Definitely worth checking out.

On Monday I had lunch with Richard. We used to work together until a couple of months ago. It was great to catch up and just laugh. He always makes me laugh. Incidentally, we met at this awesome little Italian place. I fell in love with it! Food and drinks both excellent! In fact, I met Marty there the next morning for coffee. It's really close to work, so it works well. And the coffee is mmmmmgood!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The times, they are a-changin'...

I thought I'd post an update on here so those of you that heard about CHUM's restructuring and sale, can see how this has affected me.

On Wednesday, it was announced that as of January 2007, our control room will be run by an "overdrive" system. Although I'm still discovering what this means, basically all of the positions formerly held by humans, will be done by a machine. This resulted in the layoff notice of 40 positions in our newsroom, including camera, audio, lighting, floor director, PA, director, etc.

Wow, I thought last June was bad when our noon news was cancelled and 13 people lost their jobs. This is devastating. Although my position was not eliminated, it is still very upsetting to realize I will not be working with these 40 people anymore. After working 5 days a week for 7 years with these people, you establish relationships and friendships. The announcement definitely signaled the end of an era.

On top of the announcement of the restructuring, it was also revealed on Wednesday, that CHUM was bought by Bell Mediaglobe. It is very likely that they will, in turn, sell us again. What this means to the rest of the employees, I don't know. However, it has me re-thinking my career-path. Television broadcasting as I've known it for the past 7 years is changing.

It was very sad when I saw a story on CBC about some of the CHUM stations out west that eliminated positions, effective immediately. There were cameramen who had worked there for 30+ years, and they were showing them unloading their truck and handing over their keys. What a devastating blow. I understand that business is business and if you can run your company more efficiently, then that is, of course, what you should do. However, the human element of this really sucks. Kim, my friend from college, worked for the Barrie station and was laid off on Wednesday. Having just had a baby last year, I'm sure she is shocked and lost as to what to do next.

The silver lining for my co-workers is that they still have 6 months as employees to figure out what their next move is. However, it will not be pleasant during those months, I'm sure. Yuck. Hopefully my next post is a little more upbeat. :(

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Canada Day 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hmmm, what to post? So much has been happening lately that I say "ooh, I'll put that on my blog" and then I never get around to it. Well, I have a few minutes so I thought I'd post what's been going on.
Last weekend was Canada Day. I will, eventually, get some photos on here, but for now... text only! It was a fun day. My friend Sarah came from Toronto around noon and we headed out for lunch at TJ Baxters patio. The patio itself was nice and it was a gorgeous day, but the food was not the greatest. Just a little tip for you! And their drinks seem watered down. A little disappointing. However, I had been telling her about my new favourite place,, so we decided to head there for dessert. If you like ice cream (and I LOVE it) you'll love this place. You get to choose the flavour of ice cream you want and then choose "mixins" which include everything from crushed up Skor bar to fresh strawberries! Then they mix it all together on a "marble slab" and put it in your cone. It is AWESOME and the best part (or worst part...depends on how you look at it) is that it's just steps from my house! I already have a frequent buyer card with several stamps. :)
Anyway, Sarah & I headed back to my place and finished off some last minute party preps. Before long people started arriving. Although it wasn't the blow-out that last year was, it was a good time. Good food, great friends and an awesome holiday.
Unfortunately the weather was a little "iffy" when it came to the fireworks. We started walking down to the park and it started to rain. We contemplated turning around, but decided to continue on. We sat for about half an hour waiting for the wonderful display to light up the sky...but nothing happened. Well, nothing but the drunk teenagers beside us shooting roman candles out of their hands. Geesh. Apparently they had postponed the fireworks due to the weather. Bummer.
On Sunday, Char & I were planning to head to the drive-in. However, when I checked the website, it was $13 for FOUR movies. What? Who sits through 4 movies? The last one didn't even start until 4:10am!! Craziness. Anyway, we decided that since we only wanted to see the first one, we'd wait and go on a Tuesday when it's $5.oo (and it's a good jog we didn't as it poured rain) We did watch Firewall with Harrison Ford. I liked it...very "Harrison Ford-ish" but I enjoy that.
Monday was planned as "Beach Day" We headed out for Port Bruce...however after taking a few wrong turns (oops, need to pay attention instead of talking!!) we ended up in Port Stanley. It was kind of overcast and ended up getting quite unfortunately, I didn't get the tan I had wanted. :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hangin' With Grammie

This weekend I headed down to my Grammie's after work on Friday. I got there about 8:30 and she had waited to have supper with me. :) The table was all set with cold cuts, sliced tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, etc. When we had finished and got our cup of tea, we headed into the livingroom. I had made her a copy of the interview Sarah had done with her several weeks ago. It was so cute, she kept telling me the same story in real life as she was telling on the video. AND, she would laugh at the exact same spots in the same way. It was quite cute.

After we had finished that we looked through some old photos and I heard more stories about her family and growing up in England during the war. She's had so many incredible life experiences, I love listening to that stuff.

The next morning we slept in a little (her more than me!!) and got up, had some breakfast (more tea) and got ready for the day. We were heading to the Huron Country Playhouse to see Cotton Patch Gospel. Unfortunately, we got there a little late and had to slip in the back. However, there's not a bad seat in the house, so it was just fine. At intermision, we headed out to the washroom and then decided to get an ice cream. (Haagen Dazs) While we were purchasing it, they made an announcement that the program would start in 5 minutes. "Do we have time to eat it?" Grammie wondered...I said I thought we did and the woman in front of us assured us we could take it in with us.

As we approached the Playhouse, we saw that same woman standing outside eating her ice cream next to a sign that said "No food or drink allowed inside" So, we stood and ate our ice cream. As we were standing there, the woman that had taken us in late to the first half of the perormance, came over and closed the doors and gave us a look as if to say "can' t you 2 get it together?" Ha ha. We had to sit in the back again for the second half, but that was fine. It was a great play.

We headed back to Sarnia and when we got there, we weren't too hungry so we stopped in to Sears for a few minutes. Grammie was thrilled to find 2 tops that were on sale AND when she scratched her card at the counter, she got an additional 25% off!! We then headed to Swiss Chalet where we made a pact that neither could order our "usual" quarter chicken dinner. We ended up getting Shepherd's Pie and it was really good. We finished off with strawberry shortcake back at Grammie's. I had a great time and I know Grammie did too. I'm so lucky to have her!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Some time ago, I wrote about a special birthday present from my friend Char....a ride on a Harley. Well, the time finally came. Last Saturday, I donned my Harley T-shirt and headed off to St. Thomas to meet up with our "biker buddies". Char's mom has a single-rider Harley and arranged for 2 of her friends to take me & Char on the back. We met in the Tim Horton's parking lot and got suited up with Harley jackets and helmets. Char rode with Bob and I was with Burt. (I was kind of glad I was with Burt as his bike was black...much cooler:)

We headed out of town and started our 4 hour adventure. It was GREAT! I just love the feeling of being on a bike...the wind in your hair (and face!) the roar of the's awesome! We toured around Port Bruce, Long Point, etc. and ended up at Turkey Point for some lunch. Then we headed back.

Bob & Burt were great. You can tell they just love to ride and were glad to get out on such a beautiful day. They even said they'd take us again. Wahoo!