Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Lake, The Lakehouse and the Pool

Last weekend, I headed down to my parents on Thursday night with Jo-Anne & Jesse. It was nice to sit out on the deck and enjoy the quiet stillness of the country. I loved it! And it was nice to just sit and talk and not have somewhere we needed to go. On Friday morning, Jo-Anne & I picked up Abby & Josh and headed to the river for a picnic.

It was really nice by the water and the kids really enjoyed counting the seagulls and watching the boats go by. When we were done, we stopped by Grammie's for a few minutes and headed on to Sarnia to the animal farm. Always a big hit...we toured the various birds, bunnies, donkeys, etc. It was REALLY hot that day so soon it was time to hit the beach. It was a beautiful day and I love spending time with the kids, so it was great. We got back in to Petrolia just in time for swimming lessons. I was glad I got to see them in the pool for a bit...very cute.

Since Nick was in Germany, I stayed at Jo-Anne's that night. I'm glad I did because Jesse was up with a fever. Poor little guy...I sat and rocked him while Jo-Anne was on the phone with telehealth. I realized the only songs I know all the words to were Simon & Garfunkel, Beatles, Carpenters, etc. but he seemed to really enjoy them! cool. The next day he was still a bit off but not as feverish.

Sunday I spent at Char's pool. It was so hot, it was nice to get cooled off. In the evening we went to see The Lakehouse with Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I ended up really liking it. Definitely worth checking out.

On Monday I had lunch with Richard. We used to work together until a couple of months ago. It was great to catch up and just laugh. He always makes me laugh. Incidentally, we met at this awesome little Italian place. I fell in love with it! Food and drinks both excellent! In fact, I met Marty there the next morning for coffee. It's really close to work, so it works well. And the coffee is mmmmmgood!

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