Friday, June 08, 2007

The Big CD

Today started out as a regular day, but it turned into the day of new music! First of all, I was out shopping and decided to pick up the new Paul McCartney disc. I have heard mixed reviews on it, but have not actually listened to it myself. However, it is PAUL McCartney, so I thought it would be worth the risk! I headed to Futureshop and looked at the New Releases. I didn't see the CD, but I saw what appeared to be a DVD. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was actually a special edition CD with bonus disc and very cool packaging. For $15.99 why would I not get the SPECIAL edition???

The special packaging reminds me of a totally hilarious story that I had nearly forgotten about. Several months ago, I went to see Xavier Rudd with my friend Laurence. We both had a cold and were kind of "foggy" that night. While we were standing at the merchandise table I asked Laurence if there was a new CD format I wasn't aware of...because "what's with the big CD?" I asked. Laurence was like "wha??? it's called a DVD Janice!" I had been looking down a row of CD's and at the end there was one that was a bit larger than the others. Turns out I was looking at the end of a DVD (which is just slightly larger than a CD case) Ha ha ha...we both got a good laugh that night, and today when we relived the moment while discussing Mr. McCartney's new release.

So, after purchasing Memory Almost Full, I headed into work. I was in the process of unwrapping the disc and discovering the cool packaging when my friend Scott gave me MORE new music. He had ripped the new White Stripes disc for me. Cool. Oh, but that is not where it, no. Jason & I went to Starbucks tonight. (ooh, and as a totally cool sidenote...they are promoting Paul McCartney's disc like crazy there and have PAUL McCARTNEY GIFT CARDS!!! They are re-fillable debit cards for Starbucks. Um, ya...totally cool!!!) Anyway, as we were waiting for our tasty drinks, I was perusing the CD rack as I like to do. Starbucks always has cool music playing and available. Anyway, I discovered the Monterey Pop Festival double disc set including S&G, Buffalo Springfield, Mamas & Papas, Janis Joplin, etc. Love it!! After very little persuading Jason bought it for me. (with the expectation of getting a copy of course!)

So, I am going to be busy busy busy listening to all my new music. I will post a review when I make my way through it all.