Friday, June 03, 2016

He Made You Special

It's funny how music can evoke such emotion. I have experienced this time and again, but it always amazes me.

Several weeks ago, Cody asked Devin why his ear was shaped the way that it is. (his right ear has a little fold-over on the top part) Devin told him that's the way God made him and that he is special. Those words immediately reminded me of a song my mom would sing to me when I was a little girl. I could remember most of the words to the chorus, so I sang it to Cody. He listened intently with a big smile on his face.

Those words lingered in my head for a few days until I Googled the song to see if I could find the rest of the lyrics. When I did, I was taken back in time to when I was about four years old. The memory of Mom singing this song to me was powerful as I felt so very special and loved. (the lyrics are so sweet).

Last night when getting ready for bed, Cody asked if I could sing the song about his ear. This made me chuckle but I agreed that yes, I would. "And" I added "there's another part to the song that I remembered". I sang it to him with as much love as my mom had sung it to me. I'm sure he was a bit confused as he saw a tear roll down my cheek, but I was just so grateful that I could share such a sweet moment with him.

The Lyrics:

When Jesus sent you to us,
we loved you from the start.
You were just a bit of sunshine,
from heaven to our hearts.
Not just another baby,
'cause since the world began
there's been something very special
for you in His plan.

That's why he made you special,
you're the only one of your kind.
God gave you a body
and a bright healthy mind.
He has a special purpose
that He wants you to find.
So He made you something special
you're the only one of your kind.