Monday, May 25, 2009

In the past week I have had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends. Some over the phone, some over coffee, some laying in the grass - soaking up the sun. We've covered weighty issues like divorce and job loss but also laughed until our sides hurt. I have some amazing friends.

But, the problem is: as you go through life, you never stop accumulating friends. Since we have the same number of hours in a day and days in a week, it makes it increasingly difficult to keep in touch with all of them. As much as you want to, sometimes weeks and even months can go by. But, with true friendships that time doesn't matter. You pick up where you left off, fill each other in and enjoy each other's company.

I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with so many amazing people. People I have worked with, gone to school with, met on trips halfway around the world. Thanks for being a part of my life!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm following up my post about the fabric I bought to make cushions for the couch. I finally got the sewing machine out of the closet last week. For some reason I was all ready to do some sewing when I got home from work last Monday. (yes, at midnight!)

I got the machine out and changed the thread, being careful to remember all the spots it had to go through. I spun a bobbin of the colour I needed and put the bobbin in as well. Then I did a test on a scrap piece of fabric. I was perplexed when there were no stitches. I re-threaded and re-threaded the machine multiple times. I even googled my problem (but found nothing useful) Since my machine is an antique...I don't have a manual for it. By this point, it was 1:30am. I determined there was nothing I could do and headed to bed.

The next day, my mom & grammie were coming for a visit. I suggested Mom take a look at my machine and see what I was doing wrong. After a brief 2 minutes, Mom discovered I was threading the needle from left to right rather than right to left. I couldn't believe something so simple could cause such headaches!! Thanks Mom!!

Anyway, I've been cutting, pinning and stitching away and here are a few photos of my project!

Friday, May 08, 2009


My friend Sue says, that as you make your way through life, it is important to find yourself a good hair stylist and a good mechanic. If you can put complete trust in these two are set.

I found my stylist about 5 years ago. The mechanic was a bit trickier. Since my brother is a Class A Mechanic at a Ford dealership, I originally took my Ford Tempo to him for repairs. Then I bought a VW. I faithfully took it to the dealership for oil changes and repairs while it was under warranty. However, I always felt like I was being taken for a ride...and not in my car. Their customer service was less than ideal and their prices were outrageous.

A little place called "Autobahn Motors" caught my eye while driving past. It had a classic Beetle in its showroom, so it was worth checking out :) What I discovered inside was a small operation with excellent service and decent prices. I have come to put complete trust in my mechanic Chris.

Even though he knows I have no idea how a car works, he always takes the time to show me the problem, the parts, etc. and explain what is wrong. If he thinks I can drive it for a while before it needs to be fixed, he'll tell me that. If he thinks it is unsafe for me to drive it, he'll give me a loaner until it is repaired.

Yesterday I was in the area and decided to pop in and get him to check a noise that my car had been making for a few days. Even though I didn't have an appointment, he took about 20 minutes to take it for a drive and find out what was making the noise. He assured me it is nothing to worry about and sent me on my way without charging me a cent.

I think this kind of customer service is awesome. So, if you're in the London area and drive a VW, I suggest taking your car to Chris to be seviced.

Friday, May 01, 2009

More than a year after I took my beginner sewing class, I thought I'd put my skills to use. I purchased a pattern and some fabric today!

Last year I was feeling inspired and signed up at a local sewing shop to learn how to sew. I took my antique sewing machine in for a tune up, purchased some fabric, a pattern and other supplies, and showed up on a Wednesday morning. My final product was a pair of pyjama pants. I should really take a photo and post it here. They turned out pretty good for my first project since Home-Ec class.

However, after my first class, my roommate bought a house and set the wheels in motion for looking for a new place and moving. The sewing machine got packed away and forgotten about.

Recently I've been feeling like my living room needs a spruce up and decided to try my hand at some throw cushions and curtains. I was feeling particularly ambitious today and ventured in to Fabricland. I picked out 2 types of fabric and a pattern. (Sewing Patterns for Dummies - pillows) I'd like to get started right away, but I have to start my shift at work now :( I will post my progress here, so stay tuned!