Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Since I can remember I have loved the Volkswagen Beetle. Of course, it was the classic Beetle I first fell in love with and for many years, it was my dream car. When Volkswagen came out with the new Beetle, at first I scoffed at it. How could they think of changing such a good thing? And, I thought they were ugly.

Well, as time passed, they kind of grew on me. Of course, it would be much more practical to drive a new car than one that has had a longer life than me! In 2002 I purchased my yellow Beetle (I like to call her Beatrice) At that time, the bugs were a novelty car and it got lots of attention. Now they're everywhere!

In fact, about a year after I bought mine, my friend Karla Ann bought a green one. It's always fun to park them beside each other and we've had lots of lemon/lime jokes.

Of course, driving a Beetle you get to see lots of people punching each other as they see you on the street. Not because this car incites violence, but because of the old "punch buggy" game. Jason and I have become avid players, developing a sort of "beetle radar". We each have our weakness...he never gets the silver ones and I often miss the green ones. It gets a little intense as there are FOUR punch buggies between my place & his. We both know where they park and strive to be the first to see it.

I thought everyone knew the punch buggy game. However, I recently punched my Grammie in the arm as I called out "PUNCH BUGGY" and she thought I had lost my mind! I've had similar experiences with my mom, friend Robbyn and my niece Abby. Abigail thought it was great fun and a few weeks later informed me she plays with her brother Josh, but she always wins. 'atta Girl!