Sunday, January 25, 2015

Breaking the Ice

It's been a full month since my last post, which was on Christmas Day. I feel like I need to "break the ice" and what better way than with a post about ice fishing?

Last year I tried my hand at this winter classic and had a lot of fun with John & the kids. In fact, it opened me up to a brand new hobby that led to a week long fishing trip in Northern Ontario!

When I opened my Christmas gift from John & Karen and the kids this year, I discovered my very own ice fishing rod & reel. I was officially welcomed into the club :)

We made plans for our first trip to Mitchell's Bay and I put ICE FISHING on my calendar for January 17th. I renewed my license, pulled my snow pants out of storage and packed a lunch. I was ready.

This time Dad joined us and we took the four wheeler for getting out on the ice. This made it a lot easier as we weren't pulling all the equipment with us as we trudged over the snow covered ice. John taxied Dad & Kaelyn out while Josh and I started walking to our destination. A man of few words, Josh didn't say much on the walk but shared little tidbits here and there about the conditions or technique. Love it.

We set up the huts and dropped our lines through the hole. Sadly the fish weren't biting much and the fish that we caught were too small to take home. That's ok though - I had a fun day!