Friday, July 25, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Last week we celebrated Josh's birthday with a trip to Labatt Park to see the London Majors. It was my first time to a Majors' game and we had so much fun.

Josh has been playing baseball since the early years of Tball, so I thought this would be something we could both enjoy. After a back yard BBQ we hit Marble Slab for our own creation of ice cream. It's always fun to combine several of your favourites to invent your own flavour. Josh had peanut butter ice cream with Mars bar & Reece's Pieces. I had chocolate ice cream with Reece's peanut butter cup. (too traditional? Maybe, but it was tasty!)

When we got to the park, we found a spot behind home plate. It was a beautiful night to be outside watching London take on Kitchener. Fortunately, our team was ahead the whole evening. Along the way, Josh filled me in on the rules and why certain things were happening. Typically a quiet kid, if you get him talking about the right topic, he can keep the conversation going!

One of those topics is fishing. That boy loves to fish. Which is no surprise if you've met his father. What I love about talking to either of them about fishing is the way their eyes light up. You can just feel their passion for it. I heard all about the destination for our upcoming fishing trip, what kind of fish we'll catch, what you need to use to catch them, which ones are more fun to catch and which ones taste the best. I love this kid.

The best part about this birthday tradition is seeing the personality emerge in these little people and I'm always impressed with what I see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Magic of the Airport

When I was little, I watched in awe as The Keatons flew to England on a family vacation and The Bradys jumped on a plane to Hawaii. TV Family vacations seemed so exotic. We packed up the motorhome and headed out on the open road. No luggage, no airline tickets, no boarding passes, no passport required.

My first time on an airplane was when I flew to France in my last year of high school. I thought I was joining the likes of Alex P. Keaton as I waited at the gate to board my first flight. How luxurious to fly to my destination!

I have flown plenty of times since then, but arriving at the airport still holds the mystique from my childhood. It just seems full of adventure. It is the perfect place for people watching.

I love getting a coffee, finding my gate and sitting down to watch the other travelers pass by me. Cowboy hats. High heels. Pajamas. Anything goes. It's fun to imagine the back story on where they're flying and who they're going to see. Last week I had the pleasure of doing this in FOUR different airports as I made my way from Detroit to New Orleans via Dallas and back through Chicago.

I'm not sure which is better: the airport or the airplane. It's really an amazing feeling when it lifts off the ground and you're in the air. Seriously, it astounds me every time! I love having a window seat and looking down at the winding river, arrow-straight roads, mosaic fields and the puffy clouds that look like cotton candy.

Thank you Wright Bros. for making this post possible.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Goin' Fishin'

When I joined my brother and his kids for a day of ice fishing in February, I never dreamed it would lead to me heading on a week-long, hard-core fishing trip.

Each year, John & Dad set off with Josh & Kaelyn for a week of fishing in a top secret location. It's secluded but the fishing is awesome! They eat, sleep and breath fish during this week. I've never really considered this appealing, yet each year, John would ask if I wanted to join them. I always looked at him like he was crazy and said "um, no thanks."

Well, this year when he asked, I hesitated. I have really enjoyed the times I've gone fishing since getting my license in February. Maybe I Seriously? What was I thinking? A week in the bush? No. Definitely not.

Then he'd ask again. My niece Kaelyn would smile and say "if you came, Auntie Janice, I wouldn't be the only girl!" Well, this is true, but... could I really handle a week of fishing? No shower? A makeshift toilet? No connectivity? I was seriously considering this invitation. When I asked John if he thought I could hack it, his response was profound and can be applied to most things in life. "The trip will be whatever you decide to make it, Janice".

I've decided to make it an adventure.

I can see that John is excited to share his passion of fishing with me on this trip. This weekend he gave me a hand made fishing lure. My first! And I can add it to my tackle box, whenever I get that! There are so many styles to choose from - slide out drawers, pull-up shelves, soft-sided, traditional hard-sided... When I was at John's house this weekend, he showed me the variety they have so I could get an idea of what I like. I also got tips on what footwear to bring, strategy for avoiding bugs, and general "what to expect" info.

I'm excited to see what's in store as I head out on this experience. I have a feeling a whole lot of memories are waiting to be made.