Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yesterday Jason & I went to see The Cure in Toronto. We got the tickets way back in August and the concert had been post-poned until now. Anyway, seeing The Cure was cool, but guess who we saw in Starbucks before the show??? JIAN GHOMESHI! Isn't that crazy? Ok, I guess not really as we were right across the street from CBC, but still...

In case you don't listen to CBC, Jian Ghomeshi hosts a show called Q every afternoon. It has become a part of my daily routine and is the source of many conversations. I regularly talk about Q and Jian Ghomeshi with Jason and we even listened to him on the way to Toronto. We had some time to kill and wandered through the CBC building. (we even saw Mr. Dressup's tickle trunk and the treehouse!!) Then we headed across the street to Starbucks. After being there about 20 minutes, Jason said "hey, I think Jian Ghomeshi just walked in". No way...really???? I casually turned around but couldn't really tell if it was him. Jason determined that he had some kind of CBC ID and since we were just across the street ...yep, it was probably him. Yes, it was very exciting! ha ha.

The Cure was pretty cool too. We were way up in the 300's but the seats were not bad at all. Lots of great songs that totally took me back to my high school days. Although, I have to say, I have never experienced such a sticky floor!!! Ewwwww, it was like the floor was made of fly-tape or something. Oh, and the girl next to me had bad BO. That's not pleasant. Once I got past those 2 things...a great show. They came back for not one, not two but THREE encores!

Street meat on the way out...great way to end the day in Toronto. Nothing like a hotdog with mustard. Yum!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Celebrating Mother's Day 2008. Here are a few of my favourite pix.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I've heard the legend of the white squirrels of Exeter, have you? In fact, there are websites dedicated to the rodents! I can't say I am a huge fan of the bushy-tailed creatures, but Jason seems to have a fascination with them. (all squirrels, not just the white ones) Last week he asked me if I'd like to get some peanuts and feed the squirrels with him behind his apartment on the weekend. I said sure, but I had an even better idea. Let's go and see for ourselves the great white squirrels of Exeter.

Our friend Robbyn joined us for our adventure. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and we set off with visions of snow-white squirrels eating peanuts out of our hands. We stopped at SK Convenience, official retailer of White Squirrel Merchandise. The clerk gave us a brief history of the squirrels and wished us luck as they apparently "hide" when people come to see them. We were pretty confident when we purchased our bag of peanuts.

We headed off for McNaughton Park. It really is a beautiful park with a nice boardwalk, trees, flowers, other people enjoying the day...but no white squirrels. In fact, I didn't see ANY squirrels. Not a black squirrel, a gray squirrel...nothing. We walked, we looked, we called, we held out the peanuts - hoping the smell would coax them out. No luck. We ended up just eating the peanuts ourselves.

After a wildlife-less afternoon, we returned back to my apartment to find a WILD TURKEY in the parking lot!!