Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Since I recently posted my appearance on the Paul McCartney DVD, I thought I would include my brief stint on the longest running game show on TV...The Price Is Right! I didn't get called on down, but the guy in front of me did, so I got some good face time.

I've decided to get my 15 minutes of fame...frame by frame!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I have such a cool Grammie. Yesterday I went for a visit and was enthralled with stories from the past. She grew up in England, during the war. That's when she met my Grandad...a Canadian soldier. At just 19 years old, she got married and set off for a new life in a new country. She arrived, expecting a baby (my mom) but not expecting what was ahead of her. They moved to Sarnia and eventually Corunna and had all kinds of adventures while raising 6 kids in a small house that Grandad built himself. Adventures that included raising 3 pigs in the back yard, using an outhouse (her mother would have been horrified!) and learning all the new terminology these Canadians were using.

Grammie still lives in that house. Yesterday, it was so nice, we sat outside on the back stoop. To our left was the garage...where they lived while Grandad was building the house. In that tiny, 4 room building they spent some of their happiest days with 3 little ones. When #4 was on the way, Grammie said she wasn't coming home with another baby until they could move into the house. And they did!

I love listening to Grammie's stories, but I also love that she listens to me. She's not quick to judge and is always a soft shoulder to lean on. I see a lot of me in her and I like that.

Yesterday my cousin Josh came over and we all hung out. We ordered pizza for dinner and had lots of laughs. We were each sent home with a baggie of cookies and of course a big hug.

Do you have special memories with one of your grandparents? What are some of your favourite moments?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'd like to direct you to my October 2005 blog entry (here). This is an excellent foundation for the story I'm about to share.

Several years ago, Karla-Ann and I were heading to Toronto to see Sir Paul McCartney. We decided to go a little early and try to catch a glimpse and if we were extremely lucky...an autograph! I was completely thrilled when the car zoomed past with the former mop top waving out the window! The concert was amazing as well.

So...fast forward a few years. My sister Connie gave me a Paul McCartney DVD for my birthday. Upon further inspection, I realized that it is from the Space Between US tour. Cool. I'm not sure why, but it sat on my shelf until last week. I got it out and watched the concert. I loved it. I re-ignited the Beatles flame.

I took the DVD to Jason's house...I wanted to share my excitement. He didn't think he was a big fan of McCartney, but after watching the concert, was checking to see when his next concert would be! A few nights later we decided to watch the DVD extras. I had casually mentioned I "could" be in the extras as I had seen a camera drive past while we waited for Paul. But, I wasn't expecting much.

As the camera panned down a line of fans, I said "that kinda looks like Toronto". Jason didn't think so, but I needed a second look. I rewound that scene and was sure that was the group of people I had stood for hours with. As I said "if this is Toronto...I should be at the end of this line..." I hit the pause button and would you believe the video froze on a shot of me & Karla-Ann? I totally freaked! I'm sure Jason still has bruises on his leg from me hitting him and saying "I'M IN A PAUL McCARTNEY DVD!!!" he he he. Blink and you'll miss it, but I've helped you out by grabbing a frame :D

How about you? Have you had a brush with fame you'd care to share?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So, a week has passed since my sister Jo-Anne went in for her surgery. When the surgeon came out, he said everything went according to plan...no surprises. That was a relief. I went to see her the next day and she seemed to be doing well. (better than I was expecting) She sat up and had some lunch...macaroni & cheese and peas. It was the first "real" food she had eaten in quite some time. Her incisions (5) were small and looked like they were healing.

Over the next few days her status changed on an almost hourly basis. My mom spent most days with her. As a registered nurse, she has a 6th sense about what she needs almost before she needs it! As the days passed, and neither gas nor "the other" did not...Jo-Anne was getting more and more uncomfortable. An NG tube was inserted through her nose to relieve some of the pressure and she had an Xray, CT scan and eventually had a second surgery last night.

The doctor decided there must be a problem that after one week he wasn't seeing any "movement". So, after his regularly scheduled surgeries yesterday, he found the problem. When the lower bowel was attached to the small bowel there was a twist in the lower bowel. This was causing a blockage, so they "untwisted" the problem.

So, now we are back to square one for recovery. Hopefully we will see continual improvements over the next few days.