Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gone But Not Forgotten

There is a big gaping hole in my blog these days. I have had plenty to blog about, but no time to actually put my fingers on the keyboard!

I know that I will look back on this time of my life and wonder how we ever did what we did. Pretty much all of the major life events...Devin & I are crossing them off the list in a matter of months.
  • September - we got engaged and started the preliminary wedding preparations
  • October - we started preparing his house to sell
  • November - the house was listed 
  • December - Christmas!!!
  • January - the house finally sold
  • February - we purchased our new home
  • March - we packed & moved Devin & Cody
In the meantime, all of the wedding details are coming fast and furious. Sometime in the next 2 months I'll be listing my house, packing and moving. Oh...and at the same time I'll become a wife AND a mom. 

I love this blog and the opportunity it affords me for self expression and creative writing. But, for now it is taking a back seat to all of the other awesome things happening in my life. Stay tuned, I will return :)