Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We celebrated Thanksgiving a week early and the weather was gorgeous. Mom had a small pumpkin for each kid and it was a lot of fun carving them up into some faces.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Man Tony

Last week, Jason & I witnessed the magic that is Tony Bennett! We had tickets to see him at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. What a great spot...the theatre is small (1500 seats) and we were fairly close to the stage! At 82 years old, this man brings it! His voice is unfailing and he's still got dance moves. It was an awesome show...I was on the edge of my seat with a smile plastered on my face the whole time.

After the concert, we both really wanted to get an autograph. (I know that you're thinking it was just me, but Jason was more determined than I was!!!) If I had been on an aisle seat, I would've tried to get one while he was finishing on stage but based on the sneers we got from the 4 people we had to scootch past on the way in, there was no way I was making an exit before them.

Anyway, we hung around only to find out that he was meeting with "VIPs" after. Hmmm, how does one become a VIP? Gamble a lot at the casino I guess. At the tip of a concierge, we went up to the "R5" lounge to see the falls at night (and hopefully see Tony??) The atmosphere was really cool with a live pianist. It had potential. We sat for a while before I realized who was sitting at the bar behind Jason. No, not Tony...but Lee Musica...Tony's pianist. We recognized him from a DVD we had watched at home. Bt by the time I realized who it was, Jason was talking to the waitress and Lee Musica was on his way out. Awww, so close! (ok, not really but it was pretty exciting for us)

If you haven't already, pick up a Tony Bennett CD for your collection. You won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On June 30, my bestest friend Karla Ann got engaged. The next 3 months flew by in a flurry of planning, ideas, shopping, creating, cutting, pasting, etc. But it was all worth it in a day that turned out to be the most perfect wedding I've attended. There were so many details that were purely Karla! For example how she arrived at the end of the aisle in her green Beetle!

One of my favourite ideas was the seating chart. Each table was labeled by a different muppet and I dressed my Kermit in a little tux showing off the table arrangement! I LOVED it. And Kermie looked so cute.

Karla and I met when we were teenagers and were attached at the hip (or so it seemed) for many years. She is the kindredest of spirits and I'm so happy for her. I thought I would include the toast I prepared...

When Karla asked me to toast the bride, of course I was honoured, but my first thought was “how do I encompass all that I want to say into a short speech?” Karla is my dearest friend and I love her SO MUCH! I’m so happy to be here today as it means she has met her match. Mark is the perfect compliment to Karla and when I see them together, I know it was meant to be.

I met Karla when we were young and foolish…oh wait… we still are foolish (as you’ve seen in some of the video tonight) We have so much in common, it’s crazy! From our love of the VW Beetle to the Muppets. We are the kindredest of spirits and have some fantastic memories together.

Back in the celtic music phenomenon of the early nineties (I feel so old saying that!) we became fiddle heads. A fiddlehead – in case you are wondering – is similar to a deadhead but instead of the Grateful Dead, we followed Ashley MacIsaac. If he played in southwestern Ontario, we were there! He even knew us by name.

As you have witnessed already, I shared one of the most exciting moments of my young life with Karla Ann. A few years ago we made the trek to California with the soul purpose of going to the Price Is Right. Both of us were life long fans and it just seemed like a right of passage that had to be done. After many many hours of waiting in line on the street we made it into the studio. We were thrilled when someone right in front of us was called on down. WOW!

Many hours have been spent watching Anne of Green Gables, having sleepovers, talking, laughing, going to concerts, obsessing about how much we love Simon & Garfunkel, playing scrabble, and laughing some more. I miss the days when we talked to each other every day (sometimes more than once) Although we live in separate cities and have different lives now Karla is still my bestest friend.

She planned the most spectacular, super-creative wedding in just THREE months. I am constantly amazed by her creativity and ability to make anything she sets her mind to! I’d like to propose a toast to the most beautiful bride, Karla.

What a beautiful day...the pictures say it all...