Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ghomeshi vs. CBC

This weekend, like so many other Canadians, I was shocked by the news that CBC had parted ways with Jian Ghomeshi.

If you know me, you know that I have a huge love for CBC radio. I've also been a fan of Q with Jian since its inception (as evidenced here, here and here.)

I loved the similarities between Jian and my beloved Peter Gzowski ...his smooth voice that I could listen to for hours, his interviewing style, the way he made all things Canadian cool. Q even took over the old Morningside time slot at 10am.

In the 7 years that Q has been on the air, Jian has attracted a new audience of CBC listeners. People that never before would have listened to CBC. Through social media and the Q Youtube channel, his show became so popular that it's now broadcast in other countries. That's pretty amazing.

So, when I got a text on Sunday afternoon informing me "CBC fired Jian" I couldn't believe it. I Immediately googled it and remained puzzled by the simple statement from our public broadcaster.

When I later read Jian's Facebook statement I was shocked. Of course, the topic has been under much scrutiny on the internet since Sunday and during this time, it has been tumbling around in my head. Because people know I'm a fan, they ask my opinion.

Well, I definitely think CBC made the right decision. I think there is more to the story than what we know... and we may never know the true story. But, the more information that comes out, the worse it looks for Jian. If these rumours are true, his actions are inexcusable and horrendous.

I know that media personalities are just that. Personalities. What you see in front of the camera (or behind the microphone) is a well-crafted persona they have developed and their off-camera reality doesn't always match up.

It's difficult for me not to separate the person and the personality. I will miss Jian's voice and interviewing style. He was an excellent radio host and did a lot to put Canada on the map. What a waste.

So, that's my two cents. I will continue to follow the story as it unfolds.

As a postscript, I've just read a Toronto Star article with further accusations. I'm afraid Mr. Ghomeshi has a very real and serious problem. I am sick to think this is the same person that hosted my beloved CBC radio show.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My First Corn Maze

Each year when the temperature dips and the leaves start to turn colour, I think "this year I'm going to do a corn maze". I know, it seems like a simple thing that I should easily be able to check off my list. But, for some reason the corn maze has eluded me!

Well, last weekend I was successful in my mission! To celebrate my niece Madison's birthday, we took a trip to Kusterman's farm. What an awesome day we had! Despite the chilly temperatures, the sun was shining and we had so much fun.

The corn maze took us about 2 hours but we both loved the challenge. We wandered our way through - looking for the various "stations" and completing the coordinating data on our paper. The theme this year was space, so we learned lots of tidbits along the way about the solar system, galaxies and the equipment used to get astronauts into the space.

We also enjoyed a wagon ride back to the pumpkin patch where we searched for just the right pumpkin. Madison really enjoyed checking out the animals, especially the budgies! There's tons of stuff to entertain kids of all ages at Kustermans - we had a lot of fun together and left exhausted!

Madison is such a great kid - full of facts (especially facts pertaining to animals!) and loves to tell stories and jokes. Thanks for the fun day Madison!

Monday, October 13, 2014


In the beginning, there was family. For the first few years of my life, family was all I knew. Growing up on a farm, my playmates were my siblings. The audience at my puppet show was my grandma. My mom coloured with me and taught me to read. My dad toted me around in his truck when he went to the mill.

But, as I got older and went to school, my circle expanded. And it keeps expanding. Over the years, I have been so fortunate to have such amazing people enter my life and invest in who I am.

When it comes down to it, though, it is my family that take the number one priority spot. These are people that have known me and loved me from the day I came into the world. We share memories of growing up together - the good and the bad.

This is what I'm thankful for this weekend. The people that make up my family. Who they are to me. The people they have become. I know I'm a sentimental, but I just can't help it. That's who I am!

We recently had some family photos done at the farm and I was so pleased with the results. Chris and Lynda Sit were a lot of fun to work with and the pictures will be treasured for years to come.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

They've Only Just Begun

I seem to be in the middle of a wedding blitz lately. Between September 2014 and March 2015 I have FOUR weddings to attend. Which is AWESOME! I'm a sucker for a good love story and weddings are the perfect way to celebrate.

Last weekend my friend Sabrina tied the knot with Peter. In fact, it was exactly one year ago that I found out about Peter - on September 20th. (crazy, but true) I love seeing these two together. They really compliment each other. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony and the reception was the perfect mix of great food, thoughtful speeches, and a choreographed first dance. I was so happy to be a part of their special day.

One week later my dear friend Sarah married her sweetheart Mark. In true Sarah fashion, the wedding was like a fairytale. Every detail was breathtaking with awesome extras for their guests like Shaws ice cream, a MAC makeup tent and hand rolled cigars. No kidding! The event was stunning and I was honoured to share in their celebration.

Next up will be my fruzzin Josh. He & Melanie will tie the knot on December 20th, just in time for Christmas. It's been fun helping them with save the date cards, invitations and other ideas to help make their day special.

And the wedding I'm, perhaps, most excited about is Jodi & James. Jodi and I were roomies for a long time and she'll always be a dear friend. I'm beyond thrilled that she met James this year and in March they will be Mr. and Mrs.