Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Are you a faithful follower of "My Place In The World"? I will soon be publishing a book of my first five years of blogging. If you would like to order a copy, please let me know ASAP.

Friday, February 04, 2011


On this day, 86 years ago, a tiny little baby was born. My grandparents' first daughter. She entered the world prematurely and although I don't know exactly how much she weighed, I've often heard her say they used a man's handkerchief for her diaper. They named her Cathleen Irene Mills, but when one of the Irish neighbours came by for a visit, he told my grandparents that name was too big for a little thing like her and she needed a good Irish name like Peggy. Believe it or not, that name has stuck with her for 86 years! Some folks call her Cathleen, others call her Kay but to me she will never be anything but Peggy!

Peggy grew up on a farm and worked just as hard as any of her brothers, helping her dad with work in the field and her mom with work in the house. Her self-sacrificing spirit meant she was always there for anyone that needed her. When she was a bit older, she became somewhat of a midwife. There was no training involved, but she would go and help deliver neighbourhood babies and then stay for a few weeks after to help out the mom. I thought it was really cool when I discovered that she actually lived at the Petrolia Hospital for a time. We were driving by the older part of the hospital one day (which used to be a house) and she pointed at the turret and said "oh, I used to live up there". Awesome.

Since I can remember, Peggy has been an important part of my family and I am so proud to call her my aunt. (although she is more like my grandma) She is a strong woman of faith and the most giving person I know. Her determination and courage has been an inspiration to me, as I think I've blogged about before. So, I'd just like to take this space to wish her a happy birthday! Love you lots Peggy!