Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Just Because" Flowers are the BEST!

Yesterday my husband arrived home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It wasn't my birthday, our anniversary or any other "special" day. He got them for me just because. Or, more accurately, he had listened to a broadcast from Chuck Swindoll that encouraged listeners to love their family, spend time with them, and let them know how special they are. He was inspired by this message to pick up flowers for me on the way home.

I don't need flowers every day, every week or every month, but it sure felt nice to be appreciated. It's so easy to get caught up in the to-do list that we miss key opportunities to enjoy moments with the ones we love.

Last night Devin & Cody went for a bike ride while I got dinner ready. And this morning when Cody bounded into our room - all dressed and ready for school, we lingered a few extra moments having some morning snuggles. As he said "it's the best way for me to start the day".

I agree!

Footnote: You can listen to Chuck Swindoll's 3 part series here - entitled Delightful Memories Your Children Won't Forget.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Epic March Break

For the first time in a long time, I enjoyed a week off in the middle of March. I remember looking forward to "March Break" when I was in school - mostly because my birthday always fell during the vacation.

This year, I decided to take the week off work so I could spend it with my favourite 8-year-old. We had such a GREAT week, but were both exhausted by the end of it.

On Monday we met up with friends Laura and Luke for a cooking class at Loblaws. During the Mexican Fiesta, the boys whipped up a real feast and enjoyed their lunch. Laura and I caught up over coffee at the nearby Williams. To burn off a little more energy, we let them run around the McDonald's play area afterwards. Wow, talk about gross! It went against my better judgement to be there. Just the smell of sweaty kids, stinky socks, wet boots and McDonald's food was enough to prevent me from going back. LOL. But the boys had fun.

In the afternoon, we headed to my stompin' grounds of the TV station for a tour. It was great to see some of my old friends and catch up. Cody was intrigued by the many buttons, lights and cameras. He even had the opportunity to be the weatherman! It was trickier than he thought - ensuring he was pointing the right way on the screen!

We set out for Sarnia on Tuesday to visit my BFF and her kidlets. It was so nice to have some time to catch up and see the kids playing together. They had fun building a fort, doing crafts and playing outside. Oh, and putting on a performance!

The real excitement started Tuesday night when we stayed over night at Jo-Anne & Nick's house. It the morning we set off for my Aunt & Uncle's place near Goderich. I'm convinced that everyone needs a Penny & Cliff in their life. We all had such a great time! Over the course of the three days we were there, the boys went to a watercolour class at the library, swimming at the Y, and a Mad Science presentation. But the memories were made with Uncle Cliff and Aunt Penny while building a teepee in the woods behind their house. It was a chance for little boys to do what little boys like to do.... hauling dead trees around, jumping on stuff, sliding down the hill, and GETTING DIRTY!

They loved their trips over to the teepee. Uncle Cliff bossed the job and named himself Chief Big Shot. Aunt Penny was helpful in breaking off the lower branches so no one got poked in the eye, and, of course, brought snacks!

It was a wonderful week of fun and adventure for me an the munchkin. We shared lots of snuggles and "I love you's" and added some memories to the memory bank.