Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is cuter than a four year old? I ask you this? Currently I have two 4 year olds in my life...well for another month anyway. Jesse turned four in July and Kaelyn will turn five in September. Last week I spent the day with both of them. What fun!

I was lucky enough to win 4 tickets to see "Walking With The Dinosaurs" at the JLC. So, I took the 2 munchkins and my sister Jo-Anne for back up. In the afternoon, my brother dropped Kaelyn off at my place. This tiny little blond haired girl arrived dragging a Barbie suitcase almost as big as she is. She was also carrying a Strawberry Shortcake doll that was half her size. (she travels light! ha ha) We soon set off to pick Jesse up for some time at the park.

What fun we had! The park we went to had lots of really fun equipment to explore. However, it was a pretty hot day, so pretty soon we were off to the splash pad. Jesse was a little cautious when discovering where the sprays and squirts were coming from. Not Kaelyn...she would stand directly under a stream of water! Urging Jesse to join her was a lost cause.

We stayed until both were shivering and then piled back into the car. A quick stop at home to get changed and then we went for our special dinner. Anyone in the London area should consider going to Once Upon a Teacup. It was so great! There is a closet full of costumes to try on and a fancy menu to choose from. Both Kaelyn & Jesse chose grilled cheese which was served in "sticks" and a pot of ketchup to dip in. Also a bowl of popcorn. To drink: apple juice - served in teacups and a teapot for refills! Dessert was a chocolate chip cookie served with a pot of icing and sprinkles with a popsicle stick to "decorate" with. (note: if the kids were a bit older and could handle having dessert sitting right in front of them, the meal would've been served on a 2 tier platter!)

Then we were off to see the dinosaurs. It was very exciting! They seemed real and both the kids enjoyed it immensely! What a great day.

Sunday, August 02, 2009