Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A few weeks ago, I posted about my friend Derek borrowing my Johnny Cash biography and not returning it. I wasn't really sure what to do as he had it for almost 2 years and was ignoring my requests to return it. I ended up e-mailing him and being very blunt that I was irritated that he hadn't returned it and was ignoring me.

It worked! Two days later I got an e-mail saying that he was sorry to have pushed me beyond the breaking point and had ordered me a brand new copy from Amazon and was having it shipped to my house.

Wow, I thought that was really nice and then I felt guilty about the e-mail I sent. But then I realized...he did keep me waiting a long time for something that is already mine. He also ordered me the soundtrack to Walk The Line, for my trouble! Sweet!

Yesterday, I got a package from Amazon. It's always exciting to open a package...but I was shocked when I saw the book fall out. It is so small! The copy I had previously was a nice large hardcover and this is a pocket-sized paperback. He did say we could switch next time we see each other if I prefer my original, but after the chaos that ensued before, I think I should be happy with the new one. It has the same words on the pages.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another year older, another year wiser... well, another year older anyway. Last week I celebrated another birthday. If you don't know which number, you don't need to know! It was a great day spent with great friends. I actually started to celebrate early... Char & I went to see Great Big Sea the night before. We had 8th row tickets and it was such an awesome concert. They are so fun to see live. A great way to kick-start the celebration.

When we got back, she let me open my present early. I was quite intrigued as she told me she made it and Char is NOT crafty by any means. I was very curious. The first thing was a scroll of paper. (the part she made) It was a certificate for a Harley ride. For those of you that don't know...I LOVE Harleys. Char's mom has one and also her uncle. So, she arranged for us to go for a ride in the spring AND (the best part) her mom is decking us out in Harley attire! I'm so pumped. She did a great job on the "certificate" for someone that hates using the computer and anything "crafty". The second present was a Harely T-shirt. Very clever.

The next morning I started the day with breakfast at Smitty's with Char & Jodi. It pays to have friends that are teachers...they were on March Break last week! Since breakfast is my favourite meal to eat out, it was a great way to start the day. After that, Char & I headed to Port Huron to do some shopping. Neither of us had much luck, but it was a nice relaxing day nonetheless.

We then headed to Olive Garden to meet up with Karla Ann, Beck, Kathryn and a surprise appearance by the Debbie Raes. What a fun evening. Good food, good friends, good times. My present from Karla Ann was very clever...one for each of my 5 senses. Smell: bath stuff (yummy) Touch: scarf Taste: mini eggs (an annual favourite) Sound: CD Sight: Cosby Show season 2

Today I headed down to the folks to celebrate with the family. Mom & Dad just got back from Texas for 6 weeks so it was good to get everyone together. And any excuse to see my nieces and nephews is a good one! All in all, a good few days.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Old Friends...sat on a park bench like bookends.

In the past 2 weeks, I've reconnected with so many old friends...it's been great! This weekend I went for lunch with Nicole. We've known each other since going to Sunday School together when we were about 7. In fact, we decided we were each other's "oldest" friend! It was great to get together and catch up on each other's lives.
Later that day I stopped by to see my friend JoAnn. We used to work together and I miss her terribly. I've nicknamed her my "London Mom" as I can talk about anything with her. It was nice to finally get together after several "postpones". And she's obessed with Walk The Line too! He he.
My friend Amy & I used to be SO GOOD at keeping in touch. In fact, when she lived in Halifax and I lived in Hamilton, we talked on the phone several times a week and exchanged letters, cards and packages in the mail regularly. Then, somewhere along the way, we both got "lazy" and we hadn't talked since before Christmas! YIKES. So we finally had a phone chat and arranged a day to get together and hang out.
I headed down the 401 to Toronto a few weeks ago to see Sarah. We used to work together and I can't believe she moved to OMNI 4 years ago. Where did the time go? We've always had so many things in common, so it was fun to get together again. We did some shopping, ate at a cool place and watched a HORRIBLE movie. I Y Huckabees. Augh, if you haven't seen it, don't bother...it was awful.
I really hate it when you lose touch with people that you have every intention of keeping in touch with. I have so many awesome friends, I sometimes feel like I can't keep up! Hopefully if you're reading this and you haven't heard from me in a while, we'll get in touch soon!

Last night I got PAUL McCARTNEY's autograph!! It was so cool. I was on a bus and I spotted him. I couldn't believe my luck, so I decided to hang back when the others got off the bus. And, I was in luck...he remained on the bus. I approached him and babbled something about being such a fan since I was a little kid and asked for an autograph. He was SO nice. Unfortunately, the only thing I had for him to sign was a blank CD I had in my purse. Although, he seemed totally cool with that. I was ecstatic when I got off the bus....and realized it was just at dream.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Last night was the premier of my favourite show! The Amazing Race. If you haven't watched it (where have you been?) you should! It is the best reality show out there. Check it out. Tuesday nights on CBS @ 9pm.

Also yesterday, Walk The Line came out on DVD. I went out on my lunch to get it. When I returned, I realized there is actually a "special edition" version, which of course, I HAD to have! So, Char & I went to Costco to get the Collector's Edition. I picked up a copy for my friend Jeff who hasn't even seen the movie yet, but is going on my glowing recommendation (and probably the fact that he really likes Johnny Cash has something to do with it too) We're going to watch it on Friday night. If you haven't seen it, it's a great movie. Normally, Joaquin Phoenix would be a natural for an Oscar, but I've heard that Philip Seymour Hoffman is going to get it for his role in Capote. I haven't seen this movie, so I can't comment.

I need some suggestions... I lent my friend Derek a video (John Lennon Tribute taped from TV...so I can't buy it) and my Johnny Cash biography in the summer of 2004. He lives in Toronto, so we don't see each other often. I asked repeatedly for about the past 6 months for him to please return them. He "forgets" every time and now he's ignoring my e-mail. I guess I'll never see them again, and possibly Derek. I just find it really irritating that I trusted him to borrow these items and return them in a decent amount of time. If he's lost them, I wish he'd just tell me. How frustrating.

Today is the first day of Lent. A few years ago I decided to give up chocolate for Lent. Wow, was that ever tough. Especially since my birthday is in the middle of it! (ok, I cheated that one day) This year, I've decided not to repeat the no-chocolate routine. I didn't even have pancakes yesterday! I totally forgot it was Pancake Tuesday!

Dave Matthews Band just announced a June concert in Toronto...anyone interested? It's at Molson Amphitheatre.