Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another year older, another year wiser... well, another year older anyway. Last week I celebrated another birthday. If you don't know which number, you don't need to know! It was a great day spent with great friends. I actually started to celebrate early... Char & I went to see Great Big Sea the night before. We had 8th row tickets and it was such an awesome concert. They are so fun to see live. A great way to kick-start the celebration.

When we got back, she let me open my present early. I was quite intrigued as she told me she made it and Char is NOT crafty by any means. I was very curious. The first thing was a scroll of paper. (the part she made) It was a certificate for a Harley ride. For those of you that don't know...I LOVE Harleys. Char's mom has one and also her uncle. So, she arranged for us to go for a ride in the spring AND (the best part) her mom is decking us out in Harley attire! I'm so pumped. She did a great job on the "certificate" for someone that hates using the computer and anything "crafty". The second present was a Harely T-shirt. Very clever.

The next morning I started the day with breakfast at Smitty's with Char & Jodi. It pays to have friends that are teachers...they were on March Break last week! Since breakfast is my favourite meal to eat out, it was a great way to start the day. After that, Char & I headed to Port Huron to do some shopping. Neither of us had much luck, but it was a nice relaxing day nonetheless.

We then headed to Olive Garden to meet up with Karla Ann, Beck, Kathryn and a surprise appearance by the Debbie Raes. What a fun evening. Good food, good friends, good times. My present from Karla Ann was very for each of my 5 senses. Smell: bath stuff (yummy) Touch: scarf Taste: mini eggs (an annual favourite) Sound: CD Sight: Cosby Show season 2

Today I headed down to the folks to celebrate with the family. Mom & Dad just got back from Texas for 6 weeks so it was good to get everyone together. And any excuse to see my nieces and nephews is a good one! All in all, a good few days.

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