Sunday, May 30, 2010

New York City has been on my "list" for a long time and after last weekend, I could put a check beside NYC.

My first trip to the Big Apple was a swirl of skyscrapers, people, a Naked Cowboy and hot dog stands. It was four days that were jam-packed with as much New York as we could fit in!

We arrived at JFK and headed to our hotel (in Queens) on the subway. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We purchased the unlimited pass making getting from the hotel to Manhattan a breeze. However, getting from the airport to the hotel with our luggage....not such a breeze. Augh. So many stairs! But, eventually we made it.

We headed to Times Square and it was exactly as I thought. HUGE! Everywhere you looked, super-sized advertisements. And within moments of arriving...we saw Naked Cowboy! (for those of you that are not familiar, he is an institution in NYC) We hit a few stores and got some big city pizza. Our first evening, we did a trip over the Brooklyn Bridge...and finally hit the hotel, exhausted.

Day 2 started early, but we had lots to do! We hopped on our "Hop on, Hop off" bus and headed to Central Park. Wow, it's absolutely huge...and beautiful! I love how New Yorkers just go there for chilling out, rollerblading, cycling, picnics, etc. Across from the park on the west side, we saw the Dakota building. This is the building where John Lennon lived (and Yoko Ono still does) and also where he was shot.

Not far away, we stopped by Tom's Diner, of Seinfeld fame. (also the song of the same name) We took the obligatory photos and then had lunch. The interior is nothing like Seinfeld, but it was fun. I had a grilled swiss cheese and rice pudding. I was aiming for typical diner food!!

...stay tuned...

Friday, May 28, 2010


I happen to live in an awesome neighbourhood for walking. I'm surrounded by huge century homes that are beautiful to look at as I pass by. Along with the homes, the gardens are lovely as well. Right now, my all-time favourite flower is blooming everywhere!

Irises are just so beautiful. Three ruffly petals rise up in the middle, three more petals turn down slightly, as if to reveal their friends. They are large yet delicate and sit on top of a lofty stem. Really quite a marvel. And the colours are stunning! All shades of purple, yellow, white...

I need some of my own I think!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A brief summary of my weekend trip to New York City, as compiled by the alphabet game played in the car waiting for 2+ hours at the border!!

A     apple (the big)
B     Broadway
C     cupcake
D     deli
E     Empire State Building
F     ferry
G     Greenwich Village
H     hotdog in Central Park
I     insane breakfast nook (at the hotel)
J     Jersey
K     Kelsey Grammer
L     late nights
M     Magnolia Bakery
N     NBC
O     outrageous Naked Cowboy
P     pizza
Q     Queens
R     Regis
S     subway
T     tickets (Rock of Ages)
U    unused umbrellas
V    ....the game stopped as we reached the border!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Mom.

Last week, it seemed appropriate to write a post about my mom. Sunday was Mother's Day and it was also Nurses' Week. Sadly, the week escaped me before I could "compose" myself.

I like to think I have a special relationship with my mom. Part of that comes from being the youngest. Youngest kids always have a special bond with their mom. Moms tend to be a little sentimental with them as they know it is the last time they will go through each stage. In addition to being the youngest, I share my name with my mom. Well, my middle name is her first name. I think that's pretty cool.

When writing my card for Mother's Day, I was reflecting on my Mom and what she means to me. I started to think of what she has done over the years, not just for me, but for all of her children. Wow. What a self-sacrificing woman.

So many hours were spent listening to us fumble our way through piano lessons, helping construct science projects, patiently explaining concepts and helping us to learn through mnemonic devices. Making lunches, making dinner, making the beds. A mother's work is truly never done!

That motherly nature also comes through in her career as a nurse as well. I am always moved when I see that compassionate side shine through. She has worked with aging people as long as I can remember and she always treats them with dignity and respect as well as comforting them and their families in difficult times.

Thanks for all that you have done and all that you are Mom. 1-2-3.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

My sister Connie recently opened a tearoom and I've been helping her with some design stuff. So, on Sunday afternoon I was working on my computer at a table by the window while Connie was in the kitchen whipping up some wonderful dessert. Steve & Madison had gone to get some groceries and when they arrived to deliver them, Madison sprang into action.

It was so adorable to watch! She appeared at my table with a tray and an order pad & pen. She informed me that her pretend name for the day was "Queen" and I needed a name. I chose "Ivy". Then she told me that it was my pretend birthday and she had some special treats for me. She proceeded to take my order on her pad and disappeared into the kitchen.

When she arrived back at my table, she had a plate with 3 small desserts drizzled with chocolate sauce (had a little help from Mom) and wished me a happy birthday! Ha ha. Hilarious. She was very particular about placing everything on the table and carrying her tray. She could almost step in and work there this summer!

Later on, I stayed with Madison while Connie & Steve went out for a bit. We had such a great time! We started out playing "Go Fish". When we were done, I suggested we play again and have a tournament. After I explained what that was, she went and found a paper and pen and wrote both of our names without any help. And then she had the idea that between our names she should put VS. I don't think she knew what that meant, but she knew it should be there.

We went on to play Uno and Wheel of Fortune. (she LOVES Wheel of Fortune) When we got it out of the box, she informed me that she would be Pat and when I guessed an "E" she told me that I had to say that I'd like to buy a vowel. What a smart little cookie.

So, little Madison is growing up but I've gotta say she has become such a neat little girl.