Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Mom.

Last week, it seemed appropriate to write a post about my mom. Sunday was Mother's Day and it was also Nurses' Week. Sadly, the week escaped me before I could "compose" myself.

I like to think I have a special relationship with my mom. Part of that comes from being the youngest. Youngest kids always have a special bond with their mom. Moms tend to be a little sentimental with them as they know it is the last time they will go through each stage. In addition to being the youngest, I share my name with my mom. Well, my middle name is her first name. I think that's pretty cool.

When writing my card for Mother's Day, I was reflecting on my Mom and what she means to me. I started to think of what she has done over the years, not just for me, but for all of her children. Wow. What a self-sacrificing woman.

So many hours were spent listening to us fumble our way through piano lessons, helping construct science projects, patiently explaining concepts and helping us to learn through mnemonic devices. Making lunches, making dinner, making the beds. A mother's work is truly never done!

That motherly nature also comes through in her career as a nurse as well. I am always moved when I see that compassionate side shine through. She has worked with aging people as long as I can remember and she always treats them with dignity and respect as well as comforting them and their families in difficult times.

Thanks for all that you have done and all that you are Mom. 1-2-3.

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