Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A brief summary of my weekend trip to New York City, as compiled by the alphabet game played in the car waiting for 2+ hours at the border!!

A     apple (the big)
B     Broadway
C     cupcake
D     deli
E     Empire State Building
F     ferry
G     Greenwich Village
H     hotdog in Central Park
I     insane breakfast nook (at the hotel)
J     Jersey
K     Kelsey Grammer
L     late nights
M     Magnolia Bakery
N     NBC
O     outrageous Naked Cowboy
P     pizza
Q     Queens
R     Regis
S     subway
T     tickets (Rock of Ages)
U    unused umbrellas
V    ....the game stopped as we reached the border!!

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Anonymous said...

ummm....this sounds like more stories!