Thursday, April 09, 2015

Day Five

Day Five. Day five of schlepping around the house in my pajamas. Day five of the same ponytail. Day five of surviving on ginger ale and applesauce. I have been counting the days in my head all week. And, what a week it has been.

I woke up Sunday feeling under the weather and it spiraled from there. Apparently someone brought some germs to Easter dinner because there's a bunch of us that have been down for the count this week.

It has been a long time since I've felt so rotten. The closest I can relate it to was in 2006 when I got a double ear infection and that was no fun!

So I've been rotating from my bed to the couch to the arm chair and back again all week. I cannot believe how much I have slept! And when you're taking cold medication and sleeping all the time, you dream really strange things. It's been a surreal week, to be sure.

Fortunately I have awesome people in my life that make sure I'm doing ok. My friend Jackie stopped by with a care package on Tuesday (I've been surviving on those applesauce cups!) and my boss stopped by today with another from the office.

It seems that when you're feeling your very worst, you realize the very best in people :)

Now, let's hope I wake up refreshed and renewed in the morning!