Friday, May 25, 2007

Last weekend was the first long weekend of the summer. Although the weather didn't really say "summer" to me. On Saturday my friend Scott Thompson got married. We headed down to Sarnia and just made it in time for wedding. Yes, we were actually walking up just as the mothers of the bride & groom were being seated! It was a nice outdoor ceremony.

Sunday was another chilly day. Jason worked in Goderich and when he was done, we headed to his friend Corbin's house for a BBQ. It was good to meet some of the Dryden boys. A bunch of highschool friends that now live in this area of the province. We were all wowed by the amazing display of fireworks that Corbin & Cathy provided...including one that exploded little parachuters!

We decided to head to Niagara Falls on Monday. We rarely have the same day off so we took advantage. After a bit of a detour in Burlington to find me a bathroom, we finally made it to the falls. I was blown away by the number of Starbucks! Seriously, there was one on every corner! Between the Starbucks there were all kinds of cheesy tourist traps. One place even allowed you to create a cast of your hand in wax. Ummm, ya. I thought that was a little strange. Since deciding to go Niagara Falls, all Jason could talk about was Dracula's Haunted House. So, of course, we had to go! I warned Jason that I would probably be jumpy. I wasn't prepared for HIS reaction in the haunted house. To be fair, he was the one being grabbed by the invisible creepy-crawlies. At the end of the evening, they had fireworks over the falls (because it was Victoria Day). It was a great weekend.

A new blog post? Really?'s true. I know I've been very negligent lately with my blog. I've had several people comment on I thought it was time to post. I have to admit the main reason for this procrastination is FACEBOOK. This phenomenon is so addictive! Although, it's been pretty cool to reconnect with people I haven't seen in years.

So, what have I been up to lately? Hmmmm....well, after much consideration (and obsessing) I purchased a Mac Book Pro. In fact, I'm sitting on my couch with my feet up creating this entry! I love it. I haven't really discovered all the features yet, but so far so good.

My nephew Josh turned 6 a few weeks ago and we had a special day together to celebrate. We went mini-golfing, rode the go-karts and bumper cars and of course, had lunch at McDonalds. It was a lot of fun.