Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm following up my post about the fabric I bought to make cushions for the couch. I finally got the sewing machine out of the closet last week. For some reason I was all ready to do some sewing when I got home from work last Monday. (yes, at midnight!)

I got the machine out and changed the thread, being careful to remember all the spots it had to go through. I spun a bobbin of the colour I needed and put the bobbin in as well. Then I did a test on a scrap piece of fabric. I was perplexed when there were no stitches. I re-threaded and re-threaded the machine multiple times. I even googled my problem (but found nothing useful) Since my machine is an antique...I don't have a manual for it. By this point, it was 1:30am. I determined there was nothing I could do and headed to bed.

The next day, my mom & grammie were coming for a visit. I suggested Mom take a look at my machine and see what I was doing wrong. After a brief 2 minutes, Mom discovered I was threading the needle from left to right rather than right to left. I couldn't believe something so simple could cause such headaches!! Thanks Mom!!

Anyway, I've been cutting, pinning and stitching away and here are a few photos of my project!

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Anonymous said...

I'm pleasantly surprised...I knew you had it in you!!!!
I think now you need a couple of cushions with a design and texture to them. What do you think??
Love Mum