Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hmmm, what to post? So much has been happening lately that I say "ooh, I'll put that on my blog" and then I never get around to it. Well, I have a few minutes so I thought I'd post what's been going on.
Last weekend was Canada Day. I will, eventually, get some photos on here, but for now... text only! It was a fun day. My friend Sarah came from Toronto around noon and we headed out for lunch at TJ Baxters patio. The patio itself was nice and it was a gorgeous day, but the food was not the greatest. Just a little tip for you! And their drinks seem watered down. A little disappointing. However, I had been telling her about my new favourite place,, so we decided to head there for dessert. If you like ice cream (and I LOVE it) you'll love this place. You get to choose the flavour of ice cream you want and then choose "mixins" which include everything from crushed up Skor bar to fresh strawberries! Then they mix it all together on a "marble slab" and put it in your cone. It is AWESOME and the best part (or worst part...depends on how you look at it) is that it's just steps from my house! I already have a frequent buyer card with several stamps. :)
Anyway, Sarah & I headed back to my place and finished off some last minute party preps. Before long people started arriving. Although it wasn't the blow-out that last year was, it was a good time. Good food, great friends and an awesome holiday.
Unfortunately the weather was a little "iffy" when it came to the fireworks. We started walking down to the park and it started to rain. We contemplated turning around, but decided to continue on. We sat for about half an hour waiting for the wonderful display to light up the sky...but nothing happened. Well, nothing but the drunk teenagers beside us shooting roman candles out of their hands. Geesh. Apparently they had postponed the fireworks due to the weather. Bummer.
On Sunday, Char & I were planning to head to the drive-in. However, when I checked the website, it was $13 for FOUR movies. What? Who sits through 4 movies? The last one didn't even start until 4:10am!! Craziness. Anyway, we decided that since we only wanted to see the first one, we'd wait and go on a Tuesday when it's $5.oo (and it's a good jog we didn't as it poured rain) We did watch Firewall with Harrison Ford. I liked it...very "Harrison Ford-ish" but I enjoy that.
Monday was planned as "Beach Day" We headed out for Port Bruce...however after taking a few wrong turns (oops, need to pay attention instead of talking!!) we ended up in Port Stanley. It was kind of overcast and ended up getting quite unfortunately, I didn't get the tan I had wanted. :)

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