Thursday, August 10, 2006


This weekend wasn't a long one for me as I worked on Monday. I didn't mind though...there's never much going on and you get paid lots of money. We even played a game in the evening!

On Friday night I headed down to my Grammie's. At some point I must've mentioned that I like spaghetti because she had some ready for me when I got there. We hung out and she told me some old the time Grandad agreed to buy a duck from a co-worker "for Sunday dinner". When the duck arrived, Grandad was working and Grammie had to deal with a LIVE duck until he got home to take care of it. He was annoyed and said the duck was supposed to be "dressed" when he got it. Well, being from England, Grammie had never heard that term before and wondered what he was supposed to be dressed for? ha ha ha .

On Saturday, I headed over to Connie & Steve's to hang out in the pool with Madison. She had just taken a week of swimming lessons and I can't believe the difference in her! Before she didn't want to leave the steps, now she's JUMPING in. She basically went from jumping in to the steps and back to jumping in...all afternoon! It was really nice to spend the afternoon in the pool and with Madison. After the swim, I headed out to Mom & Dad's for a steak dinner. Mmmm, yum. BBQ steak is my favourite food and Dad picked up a few steaks at the butcher shop the day before. It was gooood.

On Sunday I headed to the church I grew up at. It was really weird to see people I've known most of my life...and they're getting old! Of course, time stands still for me :) In the afternoon I babysat for my brother & his wife while they went to get a puppy. The kids were lots of fun. We did everything from make window stickers to pretend camping! I had to laugh when we went to see the chickens. Josh was commenting on how big they've gotten. (the last time they saw them they were fuzzy little chicks) He said "they used to be like 2 marshmallows stuck together". Ha ha ha. Josh always makes me laugh.

In the evening, we had a bonfire at the farm. It was so nice for everyone to get together. It was Jesse's first campfire and the other kids really liked the hotdogs & marshmallows. Of course, when the puppy arrived, it was VERY exciting! I have to admit she was pretty cute. An 8 week old Beagle, her name is going to be Daisy.

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