Saturday, November 11, 2006


Our second day we had "free". We weren't really sure what we were going to do until we got there and looked through some brochures. We settled on heading to see an exhibit on Anne Frank at the Museum of Natural History. It was pretty neat, but there was a large group of school children there and after a while...we were ready to go!

We had some lunch and then headed down to the boardwalk as it was a lovely day. We took a nice walk along the water and enjoyed the time outside.

The VIA train carrying 250 warbrides was due to arrive at the train station at 4:30 so we headed over to welcome them. The station was a buzz of activity before the train even arrived. Cadets, Red Hat Society, Reporters, Warbrides and general well-wishers were all gathering.

We happened to meet a sweet lady named Jeanie that came on the same boat as Grammie just a few months before her. She was there with her daughter and we made an instant connection. When the band started playing the old war-time songs, Grammie & Jeanie were dancing away. It was such a great moment, I realized I was so lucky to have this chance. What a great memory!

Because of all the well-wishers that lined the tracks on the way to Halifax, the train was an hour and a half late. But, it was worth it to see these ladies (still full of the spunk and sense of adventure that brought them to Canada in the first place) get off the train. Many were overwhelmed with the welcome as it was like a cross between a Hollywood Premiere and Military Honour Guard.

We decided to have dinner with our new friends at a restaurant close-by.


Carol-Ann said...

I noticed Grammie is in a wheelchair in one of the photos. Was this because her legs were tired or is there something wrong?
Love ya,

Janice said...

Just because we were doing so much walking. One of her legs is bothering her but she's not usually in a wheelchair. We're going to miss you at the Murray Christmas next week!!!