Wednesday, November 22, 2006

He Comes From The Land Down Under....

Last night I went to see Xavier Rudd at Centennial Hall. I think he's about the most talented multi-tasker I've ever seen! I thought it was pretty impressive when I saw Jacob Moon use the "jam-man" to loop his own music and play over it. But this was even better!

Xavier sat on a little platform amidst various drums, guitars, didgeridoos, and tropical-looking plants. As he sang, he also kept time with his barefoot on some sort of drum machine. He would also play the guitar, harmonica, didgeridoo as well as a multitude of other drums (even a clay pot at one point) But the impressive part was he was doing this simultaneously! VERY cool.

I was introduced to his music through my friend Laurence this summer. We both became a little obsessed and when I found out he was coming to London, we jumped on board and got tickets. It was an awesome concert and I encourage you to check him out at or watch the video below.

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