Saturday, November 11, 2006

This week I flew to Halifax with my Mom & Grammie to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Canadian Warbride. What a wonderful experience for us to share!

We headed out Monday morning for the Hamilton airport. It was my mom's first time on an airplane so she was a little nervous. Once we were onboard, I was disappointed to learn that we did not have seat-back TV's on our plane. :( Fortunately, I brought a book so I just did some reading.

When the flight attendant was passing out the snacks, she asked my Grammie if she'd like "jet mix". However, she thought she was offering "bread sticks". To her disappointment (and my amusement) it was a pretzel mix that was in the package...not bread sticks! he he...too funny.

As we were approaching Halifax, I noticed the trees looked like they had snow on them. "Hmmm, I wonder if that's really snow, or if it just looks like that because I'm up high?" was really snow. I couldn't believe it...we had left a beautiful day in Ontario (one of the FEW this fall) and landed to Halifax's first snow. It was really wet and gross. Fortunately it had turned to rain by the time we arrived in the city.

Our first night we were all pretty pooped so we had dinner at the hotel and relaxed in our room.

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