Monday, September 25, 2006


As you probably know, when I find something I like I usually become very passionate about it. Well, I've found a new passion! This season I started watching Prison Break. It was quite by accident. I wasn't looking to add a new show to my roster. But, I happened to be at the cottage with my sister Jo-Anne when the season premier was on. She's a regular viewer so, of course, she wanted to watch. (so's my brother...must be a family thing) That's when I got sucked in!

The storyline is amazingly intricate and the characters are so well developed. The unfortunate thing is that I started watching at the beginning of season 2. After asking around, I found out that my friend Chris owns season 1 on DVD. YEAH!! For anyone that's watched TV shows on DVD, you know how great it is and how easy it is to become glued to the set! Example: an hour long show is shortened to 42-45 minutes with just dips to black where the commercials used to be. So, 2 episodes are just an hour & a half and three episodes are just over 2 hours. Well, I'm sad to say (especially after my last post about TIME) I've watched 14 episodes since last Wednesday! YIKES. But, it's SO good!! And, it makes stuff that's happening in season 2 make that much more sense.

Tonight, it's back to the future as season 2's next episode is on. And it doesn't hurt that my favourite con: Fernando Sucre (who it SO hot) is riding around on a big Harley. Sweet!


Becky said...

Hi Janice,
I TOTALLY understand your new's a relief to know I am no the only one:) I bought the DVDs without knowing anything about the show and found myself hooked. The only problem with buying pirated DVDs in Indo, is they are not always complete!?! I got to episode 14 (End of the Tunnel) to discover that that was as far as got copied:/ Of course there are NO original copies available here, so I am in torture until my friend comes back from Canada at the end of October with a copy. Enjoy it for me.

Sucre's great, but I am definitely biased toward Scofield:)


Janice said...

Really? That's torture!! I won't give anything away, but I'm now watching season 2 so I'm sure you've figured out the outcome. :) I think you can watch previous episodes on