Sunday, June 25, 2006


Some time ago, I wrote about a special birthday present from my friend Char....a ride on a Harley. Well, the time finally came. Last Saturday, I donned my Harley T-shirt and headed off to St. Thomas to meet up with our "biker buddies". Char's mom has a single-rider Harley and arranged for 2 of her friends to take me & Char on the back. We met in the Tim Horton's parking lot and got suited up with Harley jackets and helmets. Char rode with Bob and I was with Burt. (I was kind of glad I was with Burt as his bike was black...much cooler:)

We headed out of town and started our 4 hour adventure. It was GREAT! I just love the feeling of being on a bike...the wind in your hair (and face!) the roar of the's awesome! We toured around Port Bruce, Long Point, etc. and ended up at Turkey Point for some lunch. Then we headed back.

Bob & Burt were great. You can tell they just love to ride and were glad to get out on such a beautiful day. They even said they'd take us again. Wahoo!

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Nicole said...

I didn't know it was going to be a LONG ride! Now that's cool! btw, you look great in a helmet. ;) Any plans yet for getting your own bike?