Friday, June 09, 2006


Next Tuesday, the province of Ontario is honouring warbrides with a ceremony at Queen's Park. My Grammie will be among those attending. She's so fact, I don't know when I've seen her this excited about something. She'll be heading down on a bus with other warbrides and I'm sure many stories will be exchanged.

Yesterday my friend Sarah (who is a reporter) did a story on warbrides, featuring Grammie! It was a very nice piece and the bonus is the 20+ minutes of interview that I dubbed to DVD for posterity. In case you missed the story on A-Channel, I have it on DVD.

It really is amazing when you think of what she had to overcome...she was only 19, pregnant and coming to a totally new country! She couldn't even pick up the phone and call home. I admire my Grammie tremendously. What a wonderful woman.

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