Tuesday, June 13, 2006

GIVE IT A TRI, and other adventures...

This weekend was full of good times. I'm exhausted, but good times. On Sunday, I went to my first triathlon. No, I did not participate...just there to cheer! My friend Sarah is a triathlete-extreme and she decided to start a triathlon group at our church. She trained 3 women to do their very first race. My friend Sharon was one of them, so I decided to go and cheer them on. It was kind of cool, even if I had to get up super early on a Sunday morning. There is a whole subculture of athletes out there that I didn't even know existed! I even saw one guy running in his bare feet. Considering most of the race was a gravel road...OUCH! It was really neat to finally see Sarah actually competing as I've heard about it for so long. Most times the races are a bit of a drive, but since it was just in Lakeside (about 30 minute drive) I could go!

Friday night I hung out with my friend Adam. We went to this really cool restaurant on the waterfront in Sarnia. It's on the top floor of a tall building, so you can see the whole bay... beautiful. There is a patio up there too, but since it was quite chilly, we stayed inside. I'm anxious to go back when the weather is nice to hang out on the patio. Cool. After dinner we headed to the casino where I was CARDED!! A bit of a compliment I guess! Despite our best efforts, we could not find an ice-cream place that was open. So, we settled for chai tea.

I stayed at Connie & Steve's on Friday night. Saturday morning I got to hang out with Madison for a bit...we had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Sweet! Madison is very excited because they just put a pool in. It's not ready to swim in yet, but still very exciting for a 3 year old!

The rest of the day I hung out with Karla Ann. We headed over to Port Huron to do a little shopping. While we were there, we went for lunch at Olive Garden...mmmmm, yummy. It was good to hang out and catch up. We don't see each other enough anymore. After bumping into Debbie & Rebekah Raes in the mall, we headed back to our home and native land to play a round of Scrabble. Not surprisingly, KA won.

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