Monday, October 16, 2006

The Cutest Couple Ever

On the weekend, my friend Amy & her husband Pat came over. I was hosting an evening of board games and they decided to make the trip from Mississauga. Amy & I went to highschool together, but more importantly, we worked at the Petrolia Discovery together one summer. It was our favourite job...working together on projects like organizing Canada Celebrations, dressing up like Darren The Oil Derrick and telling people from around the world about our little town of Petrolia.

We have shared some great memories which we re-live each time we get together. Our first trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, sending an apple pie to Halifax (on a plane with her brother) town-wide yard sales, Paul Simon concert, she's even the one that lured me to my surprise birthday party.

Well, sometimes we forget how things used to be, or could be, when people live in different cities. Saturday night reminded me of how much I treasure Amy as a friend and made me wish they lived in London. They are just the cutest couple ever. I only hope that I can find a husband with whom I fit with like Amy & Pat do.

And, the cuteness continues...they are having a baby in 5 weeks! Eeek! In fact, I'm headed to the "Due Date Party" on November 18. If there's no baby...we have a party. If there is a baby... we have a party and get to see the baby. If the baby comes on time, it turns into a waiting room party. You see, as Amy puts it: it's a win, win win situation!

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