Friday, January 27, 2012

Life's Yearbook

I was recently chatting with my friend Jodi about both of us used to enjoy it, neither of us have done it in a long time and whether we ever would again. I'm trying to decide what to do with the boxes of "stuff" in my basement. I can't remember the last time I printed a photo and the last scrapbook I made was about 5 years ago for my Grammie.

So, Jodi and I discussed what to do with the memories of life. She said she's been printing a few photos from each month and putting them in a regular old photo album. That way she at least has something to remember the events of life.

Later that week, I was checking out one of my favourite blogs and discovered this post. I love the idea of making a yearbook with online book-making software! I have used this before when I created my blog book and a book for Karla Ann's wedding. The end product is a beautiful, professional looking book. Since it's January, this would be a snap to start doing NOW for the upcoming year. I might even get ambitious and do one for last year...but we'll see.

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Laurie said...

First, let me say, you have tweaked your blog page yet again. I like the new look, however I liked the other new look too. Way to go!

Second, yes, scrapbooking can become a big job and once it gets to be that the fun is gone. I used to feel the need to scrapbook everything, but now I give myself freedom to scrap what hits me. The other photos are being put in scrapbook 12x12 page pockets - it works great when you just can't get everything scrapped. I too love the idea of the professional digital albums! Scrapbook is changing -- the traditional paper/adhesive way will always be around, but many are going digital.