Monday, January 09, 2012

Making A Splash!

This weekend, my family ventured into waters never explored before. We did a family vacation...2 days in duration, but still...

At last year's Thanksgiving, my Dad said that he & Mom would like to take us all to Splash Universe, an indoor water park. The planning started and the excitement was building with the little ones. What a blast! The water park was fun, but the best part for me was our entire family going away together.

We all arrived at Splash Universe around noon on Saturday and hit the water park right away. What fun everyone had splashing away and slipping down the big water slide. The big question was "would Dad go down the water slide?". He had promised that he would but we are all aware of his intense fear of the water. Heck, it was shocking enough that he was wearing a bathing suit (as you'll see in the photos...his legs don't see the sun too often) We were not successful on day one in convincing him, but on day two he went down not once but TWICE!

I'm sure the employees and other visitors wondered what was drawing such a crowd at the bottom of the water slide as our entire party gathered to watch the historic event. In fact, it was reminiscent of Mom on a water slide about 25 years ago at Rainbow Valley in PEI. We all squealed with delight as we watched her scream all the way down. Dad was more screams, just hanging on for dear life :)

We all met at Bob Evans for dinner and the rest of the evening was spent either back at the water park, watching a movie or playing a game. Good family time! After breakfast we headed back for some splashing and witnessed Dad's descent down the slide! A terrific idea by Mom & Dad and an awesome time was had by all!

Thanks Mom & Dad!!!

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Anonymous said...

I loved this entry in your blog. What a great way to relive the weekend!! Today I received a "thank you" from Jesse. It consisted of a cute card with fish on it, that he had coloured. Then the "peice de resistance"....a drawing of his idea of the fun weekend. Imagine my surprise and laughter when I opened a picture....not of the waterslides....but of the "Breakfast Buffet" at the motel!!! Aren't kids adorable...Thanks, Jesse!!
And thanks Janice for chronicling the weekend. Love ya