Saturday, January 21, 2012

Janice: the blogger

I found it interesting that this week I had three people ask me about blogging and if I could share some tips and asked about how I got started. I've never really thought of myself as an expert, but I guess I have been doing it for nearly 7 years. Holy crap on a cracker! (ref: Sheldon Cooper)

This got me to thinking about how I started blogging and just what the purpose of my blog is! The first time I heard the word "blog" was when my friend Becky was moving to Indonesia and said that she thought she'd start a blog to keep people up to date on the happenings in her far-away home. I asked what the heck a blog was and she explained that it's a web log. Oh. OK, cool.

After following along on a few friends' blogs that were early adopters, I decided I wanted to give this a try. I didn't really have a focus or a purpose to my blog, but I liked the idea of having a little "place in the world" (hence the name!) that was my corner of the internet and I could share my thoughts. I don't usually have anything important to say and for the most part I just write about regular life and share photos. It has been more of a creative outlet for me. A place where I can write and express myself and go back and review these thoughts.

I had heard of blog books and thought the idea was cool, but my blog was still alive and evolving. So, as I approached five years of blogging, I thought that would be an appropriate time to bind together the first five years. It was actually a really fun process as I got to re-read each entry as I assembled it.

If you're a regular reader, you'll notice I changed the layout recently. I resisted for a long time because it had always looked the same and that had become it's identity. However, I took the plunge and mixed it up a bit. I'm still playing with it so don't be surprised if it changes again :) It's always nice to know I have readers, so don't be a stranger. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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