Saturday, January 21, 2012

What a cutie!

I recently spent the day with my niece Kaelyn to celebrate her 7th birthday. Celebrating birthdays this way is tradition with Auntie Janice and usually I post about it here. However, the month of December was a flurry of activity and it did not get done.

This pint-sized ray of sunshine is always fun to spend time with. Kaelyn has a happy-go-lucky nature and is easy to please on our outings. I've told her many times I'd like to carry her around in my pocket so I can pull her out when I'm having a bad day. As you can see in these photos, she is quite the cutie.

This year's celebration included a trip to The Grand Theatre to see Cinderella. How exciting! It was Kaelyn's first live performance. We got dressed in our very finest and attended an excellent production at the Grand. My little princess got lots of compliments on her outfit (including gloves) from everyone. We went for dinner at Prince Albert's diner and later in the evening made cookies and watched The Muppet's Christmas Carol (one of my faves)

What fun we had and I look forward to the next time Kaelyn :) Love you lots!

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