Sunday, July 04, 2010


I recently decided it was time for me to get some new glasses. The ones I was wearing I had been wearing for about 5 years. In fact, I liked the frames so much that my last prescription I had new lenses put in my old frames. But, now I was ready for a change.

I headed to my usual spot at Westmount Mall and perused the frame selection. My goal was to get a pair of regular glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses. After creating a short list, I got some prices. Wow, two pairs were going to really add up...over $600 in fact.

After leaving the mall to mull it over, my friend Sue mentioned buying glasses online. Someone she knows had just done that. Hmmm, something sparked a memory in my friend Derek had blogged about buying glasses online a few months ago. So, I checked the blog to get the website.

I could NOT believe the price difference!! A complete pair of glasses...frames and lenses for thirty bucks? Could it be? Actually, if I hadn't read Derek's first-hand encounter, I don't know if I would've believed it. But, he had been completely satisfied with his purchase, so I continued.

I narrowed my selection down and ended up with 3 pairs of every day glasses and one pair of sunglasses. FOUR pairs for $140!!! You should have a general idea of what style/colour you like as you won't be able to try them on. But, as long as you have checked out some frames in an actual store, you should have a feel for what you're looking for. So, my recommendation for saving a few bucks on your eyewear, check out


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. If course my fav. is the green ones.... But they are all great on you. 123

Anonymous said...

nice glasses.. what is your prescription?

Anonymous said... and Zenni are two great discount stores for good eyewear and low prices.