Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's interesting that we usually mark the "anniversaries" of certain events in our life. These can be things we celebrate like birthdays and wedding anniversaries or remembering first dates. Or they may be more somber. Perhaps remembering the day that someone close to you passed away or when you got bad news.

For some reason, I tend to always remember anniversaries. It might be my penchant for reflecting on the past, I'm not sure. I always remember on February 25 that I met my best friend Karla Ann. On June 6th, I remember that as the day my grandma passed away when I was six. June 23 marks my company anniversary. And of course we always think of where we were on September 11.

This reflection came as a result of today being the "anniversary" of my car accident one year ago. Of course I am not comparing it to any of the previous examples in regards to impact or severity. Just observing.

I'm still sad whenever I see a yellow beetle drive past. I know to most, a car is just a car. And when your car, which is 11 years old, is considered useless by the insurance company, most people would jump at the chance to get a new one. I did not want a new one. I had such an emotional attachment to that car.  As you probably know if you're reading this blog, my dream car since I was small was a yellow beetle.

Anyway, those are my reflections as I pass this "anniversary" which were stirred up this afternoon when I drove through the intersection.


Anonymous said...

SO sorry about the beloved Yellow Bug. If I won the lottery, I would have that silver bullet painted for you.Hugs


great reflections, Jan ... seriously, I teared up.