Thursday, July 22, 2010


This weekend, I took a micro vacation. To Petrolia. Ha was great!!

On Sunday afternoon I met Connie, Steve and Madison in Sarnia to see Toy Story 3. I thought it was great, but I was a little surprised how "non kid" it was. Madison, who is seven, was a little scared throughout. But, as an adult, I thought it was fantastic. Lots of great humour and the use of all the retro it. Madison and I shared a big bag of popcorn - who wouldn't love that?

After the movie, I went to visit my Grammie. Our original plan was to sort through old photographs, but Grammie didn't feel like doing that "in the heat" so we procrastinated until another time. I did succeed in teaching her how to run her DVD player though :) However, I forgot to show her how to turn the movie OFF and return to watching regular TV. So, I should have expected the phone call I got later! Not to worry, we got it all sorted out.

In the evening, I played some board games at the kitchen table with the Berrys. Originally we were going to hang out at the pool this weekend, but the weather just didn't cooperate. On Monday Connie and I "did Petrolia". This took about an hour. I didn't realize that most of the town shuts down on Monday. There were a few places that were open, so we wandered about and had lunch at Coffee Lodge. Being the techno wizard that I am (umm, ya...) I helped Connie with some computer stuff for her tea room in the afternoon.

I think my favourite part of my micro vacation was visiting my Aunt Peggy. Somehow we started talking about when she was a girl and was growing up and the next 2 and a half hours were spent listening to her stories. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and she is pretty special to me.

Who knew you could pack so much into 2 days in Lambton County? :)

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