Saturday, July 31, 2010


July is a big birthday month for my family. Today my nephew Jesse's turned five. On the 14th Liam turned three and the next day Abby turned eleven! I've been slacking in my blogging lately so I'm combining all three into one post :)

Abby was the first one to make me an aunt. I anticipated her arrival with great excitement. I even learned how to quilt with my Aunt Peggy in order to create my very first (and last) quilt for her. When I talked to my brother the night she was born, he was exhausted after not sleeping for a long time. But when he said her name "Abigail Elizabeth" ...I remember thinking it was the most beautiful name I'd ever heard. I still think it is a wonderful name. Abby has been such a joy to watch grow into the little person that she is.

I distinctly remember when I found out about Jesse. It was Christmas Eve and a friend and I were out for breakfast with Jo-Anne and Nick. Jo-Anne was showing me some photos of various family events and the last one was a picture of her and Nick with a pregnancy test! (actually 3...wanted to make sure!) I was thrilled! But...I wasn't allowed to tell anyone that night when I went "home" for Christmas. I had to wait until the announcement the next day! When Jo-Anne told us...she said the baby was about the size of a peanut. So...that has pretty much been his nickname since. He is a curious and precocious little tyke and usually makes me laugh!

Two years later, Liam came along. I stayed with the Peanut while Jo-Anne & Nick went to the hospital. I knew the short list of names and was thrilled when I got the phone call and the decision for Liam. So cute. Liam was born with a shock of dark hair and was so adorable! He has turned into a little sweetie pie that loves hugs and snuggles. (I'm sure he'll grow out of that!!)

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What a wonderful post! You sure are a terrific Aunt!!!