Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Evolution of Friendship

When I was 16 I met my BFF. As teenagers, we were inseparable peas in a pod that gravitated towards the eccentric. We loved Ashley MacIsaac, Dr. Suess, MC Escher and shopping at Value Village. Ha. When I think back on the adventures we had, I have to laugh.

Unfortunately, as the years pass, we don't see each other as often. Daily phone calls are replaced with sporadic email check-ins and weekend adventures have become afternoon coffee talk. Living in different cities hasn't helped.

When Karla Ann's mom offered to babysit Madilyn so we could take off for some cross-border shopping, we jumped at the chance. It was like old times as we set off in the Beetle on our mini road trip. Where else would we have dinner but at Olive Garden? It was always a favourite on our shopping trips to London. Especially the bread sticks!

What a great time we had... outlet shopping and catching up. Despite our infrequent friendship, Karla Ann knows me inside out. She will forever be my kindred spirit. Thanks for the memories friend.

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