Sunday, June 03, 2012

Honest Ed

This weekend I trekked to Toronto to visit my friend Sarah.We hit Ikea and then hopped on the TTC to head downtown to meet up with some of her friends. We were going to play ping pong. Yes, ping pong. A crazy but fun idea! The place is called Spin and it's like a pool hall...but with ping pong tables instead. In fact, it's owned by Susan Sarandon. (interesting side note)

Sarah's friends were a lot of fun and we all enjoyed some table tennis action, some of us better than others! When our table time ran out, we set out for the nearest patio for dinner. (this is when I ordered the worst caesar salad...but I digress) At some point we started talking about how her friend Ed has never used his oven. I was astonished and asked him what he eats. "Subway" was his reply. As someone that detests the smell of Subway, I could not imagine. I decided to probe the subject further. I soon discovered that Ed had made some healthy changes in his life recently, meaning he quit smoking and switched from McDonalds to Subway for his daily food intake. Clearly Jarrod is his role model!

My questioning revealed that he goes to Subway not only for lunch ever day but dinner too! That is some serious sandwiching. I hated to break the news to him but Subway is not that healthy. Sure, it's healthier than McDonalds but deli meats, cheeses and bread are all processed and full of unhealthy stuff. He was shocked. I must have been a major killjoy to this poor guy because I then told him that diet coke wasn't a great option either.

The best part of the conversation came when he revealed to us how he orders his coffee. I think that up until that point everyone else knew of Ed's eating habits but the coffee was a jaw-dropper to us all. He only drinks 2 cups of coffee each day. His first is a large and contains 15 sugars. FIFTEEN! His second coffee is medium and he scales it back to 10 sugars. I'm still shocked nearly a week later as I write this. I wonder how you determine that 15 sugars is the "sweet spot" for your morning java.

We finally let Ed off the hook and moved the conversation on to other topics but I promised him that I was going to blog about his intriguing eating habits. Thanks for being honest Ed and I wish you well on your road to a healthy lifestyle :)

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Laurie said...

First, well done Ed! I have to say any change toward healthy eating is a good thing for sure. For I know these trials well. Can't say I've ever had 15 sugars in my coffee ... but currently trying to cut down to no sugar and no cream ... BLACK coffee ... THIS is not going well.