Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Remembering Jim

I've been thinking this week about Jim Teskey. It was on June 29 of last year that he passed away, in the most graceful way. As I wrote about here, I was struck by how he handled the news that his time was limited and the details of his final farewell that could only be his. I think he touched more lives than he realized.

During Jim's final days his catch phrase became "stop and smell the roses" ...such a great way to live life. As Lynda moved into Petrolia and left the farm behind, I wanted to help her feel at "home" so I gave her a gift card to get a rose bush. This week she emailed me some pictures of the first blooms on Jim's rosebush. She planted it on their anniversary and it was blooming just in time for this anniversary.

Sending a big hug out to Lynda and thinking of Jim. XO

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