Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mamma Ellen

Today is Mother's Day. A day set aside by the greeting card companies and flower shops to honour our mothers. That sounds jaded. Don't get me wrong, I play along and get sentimental on this day, but when you have an amazing should honour her more than once a year!

I happen to have an amazing mom. I'm certain there are many out there that feel the same way about their own mom, but you can write about her on your own blog :)

My mom is the most selfless person I know. She is constantly doing for others and without herself. Her caring and nurturing personality made her an ideal nurse and all of her co-workers at "the Haven" (Twilight Haven and then Meadowview Villa) called her Mamma Ellen. As a kid, she knew how to: fix anything, proofread English papers, create amazing science projects, how the song you were practicing on piano was supposed to sound, and counsel you through whatever trial you were going through.

She instilled my love of music firmly within me. She sang to me before I was born and never really stopped. We would sing in the car, around the piano, at church, in the kitchen...well, you get the picture. Our repertoire of songs and lyrics is so extensive that many times a word will trigger an outburst of musical spontaneity.

My mom encouraged me in whatever venture I set out upon. She has been my biggest and unfailing cheerleader and her enthusiasm doesn't diminish!

The past several years in my family have been trying. She has had 2 daughters battle cancer, a sister-in-law (this term does not do justice the relationship between Mom & Peggy) also battle cancer and an extended recovery and transitioned her own mom from her home of 60 years to a seniors apartment. She has been a rock throughout all of these challenges because she knows the people she loves need her to be. In addition to the emotional support she has been nurse, medical translator, appointment scheduler, shuttle service, babysitter, hand holder, shoulder to cry on, prayer warrior, decision maker, peace maker and encourager. I am amazed at how she has handled the curve balls thrown her way.

So, here it is. My Ode to My Mother. Happy Mother's Day to my very favouritest woman. Thank you for all you do, all that you are and most of all, for my middle name :)

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Anonymous said...

It's so easy to be a mother when you have amazing children, who do you proud at every turn. I thank God for the blessed opportunity that He has afforded me to be mother to such wonderful, loyal,encouraging children. I am truly blessed, and oh so thankful.