Tuesday, May 01, 2012


For the past several months, I have been working on a presentation as part of a sub committee of my union (CEP). The committee had been formed in the fall to research and compile a white paper on the effects of multimedia/social media on journalism. My co-worker Scrappy is chair of the committee and brought me on board in February to design a presentation and website to display their findings.

The process has been such a great experience that is outside my every day duties at work. Originally Scott had been compiling their information into a Power Point. When I saw it, I had one word: Prezi. If you have not experienced a Prezi, you should check it out here. It's a pretty slick little piece of software for presentations. Once I showed Scrappy the demo, he was convinced. We have spent many hours perfecting our little Prezi and I must admit I am happy with the results.

In addition to building the Prezi, we have deposited our research and resources onto a website. And, as a value-added bonus to the web, we interviewed local tech analyst Carmi Levy about the current and future state of journalism. All shot on my iPhone and edited with iMovie, I am quite happy with the result. And, since I couldn't save our Prezi onto the website we whipped up a PowerPoint that contains the same info and is downloadable/viewable on the web.

So, everything culminates this weekend in Victoria at the national conference. I'll be making a mad dash there and back but looking forward to seeing the final product and its reaction.

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