Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pink Powderpuff

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to update things with my sister Connie. Last week she had her surgery and she seems to be doing well. She has a strong and determined spirit and does not let much get her down. Impressive, really.

I spent Friday at the hospital in the waiting room, her room, the atrium, Tim Horton's... I was there for a while :) It's always amazing to see how much people care in times of crisis. Thanks so much for the support network that showed up.

I spent the rest of the weekend at Connie's house, helping her with stuff around the house as she was (supposed to be) resting. I'm rather impressed that she is keeping up with posting on her Caring Bridge blog. You can follow it here.

Keep up the great work Connie. You're doing amazing.

POSTSCRIPT: re: the title. When we were little, we had a CB in our motorhome. We never actually used it, but Connie and I liked to pretend sometimes. She decided her call name would be Pink Powderpuff. Being the little sister that thought everything her older sister did was super-cool, I decided on Purple Powderpuff.

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Carmi said...

It always amazed me how much goodness and humanity managed to bubble to the surface whenever I was in the hospital. When I was a kid-patient and an adult son of one, I lost count of how many truly good souls managed to cross my and my family's path.

It made me realize that not every cloud was universally dark.

Continuing to send prayers your and your sister's way. Something tells me the superglue that defines your family's connectedness is just starting to show its true strength.