Friday, December 23, 2011

Boobies Bracelets

I had heard of these "I love boobies" bracelets before and really hadn't given them a second thought. Yesterday when I arrived at work, I discovered this was our top story. A local 13 year old boy was refusing to remove the bracelet which threatened expulsion and was making headlines.

I went about my business, making graphics and preparing for the news. However, when our producer asked me if I was offended by the bracelet, what came out of my mouth surprised me.

In fact, I was offended. The word "boobies" does not offend me at all. Whatever. What does offend me, however, is the fact that breast cancer is being trivialized and merchandised. It is bad enough that the colour pink has been hijacked by companies of all varieties. (how much of the "proceeds" really go to breast cancer research? Or more importantly, to breast cancer fighters/survivors?) But capitalizing on the word "boobies" with the guise of supporting breast cancer really lit a fire under me.

The kid in our story, as I said, is a 13 year old boy. Why do you think he's wearing a bracelet that says "I love boobies"? His parents claim that he is mature and wearing it to support a friend that had breast cancer. I am really doubtful of this. In addition, no one really seems to know who benefits from the sale of these bracelets. They "assume" money is donated to a charity. Our reporter checked the variety store that sells them and the owner really didn't know either. So, let's admit the bracelets are doing nothing to support either research or breast cancer patients.

Cancer is evil. But, breast cancer hits its victims with a one-two punch. Not only are they dealing with the disease but a very personal and visual part of their body. Let's not insult them by wearing bracelets (or anything else) that say "I love boobies"


Anonymous said...

you rock
I totally agree.
I think very little fundraising under the guise of cancer support actually does anything to benefit people who are dealing with it.

Laurie said...

Hi Jan, I'm thankful you posted this and I agree! Hmm ... 13 years old ... I love boobies -- seems to go together perfectly in regards to 'timing' in a young man's life. Well written. Cancer is evil and it should not be trivialized in this way.

Carmi said...

Beautifully said, Janice. The story struck me as just a little off when I saw it on the newscast. His mom may well think he's a very mature 13-year-old, but I doubt he or anyone in his immediate family appreciates what it truly is like to live in breast cancer's shadow.

I've seen young activists move mountains to raise funds and awareness. The only passion I saw here was to stick it to the authoritative "man" with a healthy dose of teenaged cheek.