Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Musings...

Another Christmas has come and gone, and I must say this has been my favourite in recent memory.

It was spent with family and friends and filled with delicious food and memories alike.

After spending countless weeks in hospital, my Aunt Peggy was thrilled to be home for Christmas. And I was thrilled that my cousin Esther invited me for Christmas dinner. It was so nice to share that special family time with them and awesome to see Peggy doing so well. She made homemade buns for dinner (her legendary specialty) and I could tell she was just so pleased to be "home". After dinner, Esther played the piano while Mom and I sang along.

It was also special that Grammie was able to spend the day celebrating with our family. I picked her up in the morning and taxied her home in the evening, after the presents were opened and we were all stuffed! I know she loved being a part of all the excitement. My favourite moment of the day was when she tried Josh's raccoon hat on!

After just a week following her surgery, Connie had a couple of big days - attending family celebrations. I know she was not feeling quite up to her usual self, but she looked fabulous and pulled off the day in style. Connie Style. :)

Hope your Christmas was as good as mine!

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